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by Kane Hart at 3:51 PM
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JC2-MP is coming to Steam.
On release, you'll be able to download the client and server from Steam, just like a normal game. This means complete Steam integration, including joining on your friends and more:

Of course, before they release, they need to ensure that 0.1.0 is rock-solid. This beta test will let us work out the final issues, and give everyone a chance to play in the biggest demonstration of chaos this year.

Because they're not released yet, you need to grab a key from:

and activate it on Steam here:

On the day of the test, the game will unlock itself, and you can join their test server.

Two days before the test, they'll release a detailed changelog; and after the test, they'll reveal the release date. One thing is for sure, though: come hell or high water, JC2-MP is coming out this year!
by Chris at 1:13 PM
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blueprint.png So we've been working on Project Legion and have some pretty cool things happening. We are getting really into these defence towers I talked about in my last post - and no this is not a tower defence game, but it's a really cool game mechanic where players can set up towers, attachments, etc to defend themselves and their land. Likewise, you can use towers to sit on minerals when mining to protect them if you want to take off and mine another day but dont want someone else to snipe your mining spot. With that said, other players will be able to come in and destroy your defences if they are powerful enough, some which could be expensive to replace - making sitting on minerals or anything else a risky endeavour! NPC's could overpower them and do the same if you aren't careful. It'll hopefully be a fun game dynamic once completed.

Defence towers will be based on blue prints, some of which will be very rare. Kane and I were talking about how blueprints would come into play, we so far think that we don't want to make these things like WoW or other games where anyone can fairly easily get a copy. Instead there are going to be certain items, blueprints, etc that are very difficult for anyone to get - maybe only one person will ever find the blueprint for some items or be able to create it after many months of work. This will bring back competition into mmo type gaming and make the game more competitive since players can actually be better than others based on research and hard work in game mining, building, discovering, exploring; rather than dumbing things down where everyone in the end is the same, we want the game to be where some items, some blue prints, maybe only only one player will find after months of hard work, or one player will only be able to develop or forge after a lot of work. We want the game to be playable by everyone but we also think it's kind of frustrating that a 5 minute player can in the end be the same as a 3 month player. Likewise, it's always cool when after putting in tons of hard work, you actually do become a better player with better items, gear, equips, skills, housing, etc.

Anyway the game is still obviously in huge development and these elements are not set in stone (no pun intended), we'd like to hear some feedback.

On another note, off topic and nothing to do with the aforementioned, the past two days I've devoted some time to learning more about bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin, gldcoin, primecoin, and a bunch of other crypto currencies. I've mined a few gld coins with my 2 x ATI Radeon 6870's but the difficulty is increasing. Anyone here do any bitcoin mining? I'll post a video later today on how you can start mining bitcoin and litecoins, although there are so many people mining them now that the returns are very small. The money to be made now is in cryptocoin trading or pool mining on the newer currencies.
by Kane Hart at 3:18 AM
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Our 1.7.2 Bukkit Test Server Is Now Online!

With that said this build is extremely buggy and might have a lot of issues. For that we are starting with a couple to a few days with nothing but vanilla style Minecraft. From there will start slowly adding plugins one by one while they are updated / fixed etc. We ask you to use this thread to help report any small or major issues. This is going to be our flagship Minecraft server here on Stone Legion and your help and feedback matters!

Like always our test servers are always wiped and of course nothing will be carried over to the launch server.


Please note that you must be on the global Minecraft whitelist system here at Stone Legion to access this server. If you are not whitelisted then please fill out an application here!

AutoWhitelist - v3.3 - Build - Repo
ByteCart - 1.6.4-R2.0 - Build - Repo
Essentials - Dev2.13.2 - Build - Repo
GlobalMarket - 1.2.2 - Build - Repo
MCBouncer - 1.3.2beta - Build - Repo
Lift - 43 - Build - Repo
Lockette - 1.7.12 - Build - Repo
PermissionsEx - 1.20.4 - Build - Repo
PetitionPlugin - 1.6.2-R1.0 - Build - Repo
Prism - v2.0Beta2 - Build - Repo
Vault - 1.2.27 - Build - Repo
WorldBorder - 1.7.6 - Build - Repo
WorldEdit - 2881 - Build - Repo
WorldGuard - 1258 - Build - Repo
by Chris at 7:23 AM
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This week I've been working like crazy on getting Project Legion to the point of playability where some basic game play can take place for an alpha launch. I've been putting in about 6-8 hours a day. Although I'm not the fastest programmer, I can promise you dedication, hard work, and will listen to players on suggestions of things they'd like to see in the game.

The past week we've integrated the project into Unity 4.3 2D, I've created NPC AI (although it's basic!), player spells, and also began working on pathfinding. Likewise we've implemented some pretty cool defensive turrets for players to place. Unlike some games where players simply shoot guns, melee, or spells, Project Legion will also offer some pretty neat defensive systems which you can place around you. These defensive turrets will have upgrades and equips so that you can mount better weapons as you craft and develop better equipment. Although this game is not an RTS, I always liked in RTS's when you could place defence towers. I'm thinking in Project Legion you'll be able to place this around your player house permanently, or anywhere else they'll be on a return to inventory timer so the game does not get littered with turrets.

With all of that said, if I released an alpha alpha alpha version now (yes I meant to type alpha x 3) it would be embarrassing as there's nothing to really do other than walk around, shoot a few things, place some turrets, and player health is not fully programmed in yet (I added our first health bars tonight!).

We'll release an alpha version soon, however, it will be extremely basic. :D

Also, thanks to everyone who has 'liked' my posts in pasts and continued to follow Project Legion! :)
by Chris at 10:40 AM
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One more little code snipped. Today I spent some time trying to figure out how to programatically set a texture as a sprite in C# with Unity 4.3 Sprite Renderer. It seems like it would be simple but since Sprite Renderer is brand new, there is very little documentation available. Previously we were using tk2d, however, now with 2D support built right into Unity 4.3, we plan to utilize this feature instead. I went from trying to use the TextureImporter, AssetImporter, then finally came across buried in the UnityEditor docs that there is actually a Sprite.Create function. Hopefully this helps anyone in search of something similar, maybe a stranger coming across our site from Google or anyone here that might use Unity 4.3 in the future.

*Note* You have to use IEnumerator Start() and cannot use void Start() when using WWW class.
    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEditor;
    public Material defaultMaterial; //prefab material set already
    public string url = "";

    IEnumerator Start()
       //can be used to load textures from url OR from local computer/device
       WWW www = new WWW(url);
       yield return www; 

       SpriteRenderer renderer = gameObject.GetComponent();
       Sprite sprite = new Sprite();
       Rect rect = new Rect(0, 0, www.texture.width, www.texture.height);
       sprite = Sprite.Create(www.texture, rect,vector2,100.0f);
       renderer.sprite = sprite; 
       renderer.material = mat;
by Chris at 10:27 AM
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Just a quick post with some code for anyone that uses Unity 4.3 and stumbles across our site. I've noticed a few people on the Unity support forum are stuck with trying to get particles to display. The problem is that the particleSystem in Unity 4.3 2D mode by default seems to go behind every other layer in front of the camera, making them impossible to see. What is more, setting the Layer in the Unity Editor does not work. The only way to fix this is to programatically change the layer.

To fix this, create a C# Script and call it "SetParticleSortLayerScript" or what ever you please, just make sure it's on the Particle System Game Object. If you already have a script attached, add it to the Start() method as follows:

        public string sortLayerName;
	void Start ()
		particleSystem.renderer.sortingLayerName = sortingLayerName;
You can set sortLayerName to the layer you want your particles to display on. If you don't know what a layer is, it is essentially what the camera renders based on how it's sorted. So if you have a foreground and background layer, the foreground layer will be rendered by the camera in front of the background. More about layers here if you're interested to learn more.