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by Kane Hart at 12:11 AM
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Welcome Friends to our Space Engineers Announcement Thread! Will be running a Space Engineers server both Creative and Survival once Multiplayer is Implemented. Please note that it might not have dedicated servers right away but hopefully the developers do release it in the near future. We at Stone Legion feel that Space Engineers is going to be one of the next best Sandbox / Minecraft style game if the developers keep working on bring a solid featured survival and Multiplayer features that will be still playing the game in 2 years from now. We can only hope for the best and we suggest you highly consider getting the game because even at $15 you are already getting a lot of fun content to play with!

What is Space Engineers? The best way to know about it is to check the videos below. But the best way to explain it is Gmod Space Build and Minecraft and heck even some Minecraft mods all in one package. Right now it's just basic Minecraft Style creative mode with of course ships instead of static blocks but a lot more features are on its way including Multuplayer!

Buy the Game Now:
Current Features:

Stone Legion Links:
Space Engineers Roster
Space Engineers Patch Notes
Space Engineers Forums

Other Media:
Space Engineers - Alpha Tutorial 10/2013
Space Engineers - "Crash Test" - Alpha Footage 9/2013
Space Engineers - Alpha Footage 8/2013

More info to come soon!
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To celebrate the upcoming pre-release, here’s a snapshot with extra bugs for added value!
To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.
Server files:
Report bugs here:
by Kane Hart at 12:49 AM
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This should fix NEI issues and also updated the NEI Addons mod at the same time :)

Updated Mods:
  • Updated NEI Addons to 43
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 271
by Kane Hart at 4:39 PM
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Server still going strong. Another set of updates. It looks like were wrapping up for the end of 1.6.2/1.6.4 Updates. More and more mods are now slowing down till 1.7 Release. The good news is our server is not going ANYWHERE till 1.7+ Modded is out and ready and people are happy. That will be many months yet so don't worry about a thing. Also once we do end up taking it down say the 1.7 modded server is released. Will be throwing this world up for everyone to enjoy in our download section!

Updated Mods:
  • Updated Compact Windmills to
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 266
  • Updated ExtraCells to 1.4.9d
  • Updated Railcraft to
  • Updated Forestry to
  • Updated GregTech to 4.04l
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Update: Snapshot 13w41b has been released to fix the following bugs. You can grab the client in your launcher, or the server using the links below.
  • Bug [MC-14865] – Carpets Are Not Flammable
  • Bug [MC-29588] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException – Invalid Biome id
  • Bug [MC-30811] – TellRaw – Tab Complete
  • Bug [MC-32880] – Crash with falling blocks / when giving technical/invalid blocks
  • Bug [MC-34641] – Pausing the game not working correctly
  • Bug [MC-34642] – Typo "White Stained Glass Pane Pane"
  • Bug [MC-34645] – Maximum render distance at 8 chunks
  • Bug [MC-34647] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException / Crash when selecting Resourcepack
  • Bug [MC-34650] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException / Collision of entities
  • Bug [MC-34676] – Iron bars render oddly
  • Bug [MC-34679] – Stained Glass Pane recipe only yields 6 panes as opposed to 16
  • Bug [MC-34705] – NullPointerException thrown on server login
I could write a big changelog with all the new features, all the fixed bugs and all the reworked code… but I could also go spend that time making some more new features, fix some bugs and rework some code. Brb coding!
To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.
Server files:
Report bugs here:
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Basically, any Forge or FML mod will continue to work with Forge/FML, but any Modloader mod (not written directly for Forge or FML) will NOT work anymore. If you would like to continue using it in MC 1.7 and further, then go to the author's MCForums/Planetminecraft forum page and request that they add Forge/FML compatibility.
by Kane Hart at 8:02 AM
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So we had some issues but things should be working now and fixed! Sorry for the delay but the biggest issue was MCPC was not even working with the latest forge we were requiring. I been away from home but with the recent crashing issues I stayed up tonight to fix this darn crash and it should be good and gone. Not everything is at its latest but at least it is an update. Let me know if there is any major major issues.

Updated Mods:
  • Updated Applied Energistics to 13-c
  • Updated BiomesOPlenty to
  • Updated BuildCraft to 381
  • Updated GregTech to 4.04h
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 234
  • Updated Minecraft Forge to 871
  • Updated OpenPeripheral to 48
  • Updated Redlogic to 57.0.0
  • Updated Microblocks to 56.0.5
  • Updated Immibis Core to 57.0.0
  • Updated Dimensional Anchor to 57.0.0.jar
by Kane Hart at 2:39 AM
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Terraria 1.2 Patch is coming tonight and I mean a little over 2 hours from this post! We will be setting up both a Public Server and a Private Server!

Public Server will be open to everyone on this community. Unfortunately there is not really anything we can do to prevent griefing, cheating etc. We are no going to try to enforce the rules since it's next to impossible at this point.

Private Server will be a server on random port / with a password and will require you to use new characters and this will be enforced by our players but also you need to name your character matching your forum name or minecraft name or close to it. If we see BoB_From_Eve as your nick name will end up banning you. Once again this private server is going to be for VIP Members who support the Stone Legion Community.

At this point of course our servers will not be up exactly midnight since the game releases then. But will try to have it up and running asap!

If you have questions or suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them!

Terraria Patch Notes:

by Chris at 10:16 AM
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voxel.png Tonight I was playing around in Unity, just trying my hand at creating a voxel generator - what I learn from this can be used for Project Legion. Although our game is not a voxel game, the concepts can be borrowed for random generated instances we plan to create. I'm not going to lie, Minecraft terrain generation at first seems complex, but I think I have some of the basic concepts down.

Essentially I created voxel chunks in unity as a prefab game object and then loaded them into a voxel generator I created. I was using Mathf.PerlinNoise() to position each block, however, allegedly with PerlinNoise cliffs with overhangs cannot be generated. Anyway, it can get pretty advanced and I was only looking into the basics for now. I've attached a quick little screen shot of what I did, it's a mess and there are gaps between cubes. Just a random dev log really, but I thought it was kind of cool.

Back to working on project legion! I've recently added some pretty cool particle spells. I love particles, they make games look beautiful, colorful, and magical. As my last post showed, were looking into physics. Right now, just to play around with these particle effects now able to shoot and cast towards other players (or wherever I click my mouse), I want to add in some fun physics to blow the crap out of other players - just as a test, although the only other player is Kane at the moment ;). Sometimes its fun as a dev to blow the crap out of other players in a game you're developing - especially if I get to send Kane flying across a map or explode his character to smitheries with my new flame strike spell ;)

Project Legion is an MMO in early stages of development. To see past Dev Logs, please visit here. Project Legion is only a working title until the official game title is released.
by Chris at 7:53 AM
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For single player games, physics are calculated on the client and generally there is no need to verify abuse or client hacks - if a player is going to cheat or hack up their client, they're doing it on their own and not affecting other players in most circumstances. Nonetheless, when it comes to mmo's, physics are often calculated server side. Why? This is because you cannot trust anything the client is sending to the server when it could have an affect on other players around them. For an mmo, you cannot trust that the player hasn't modified their game client to exploit the game.

For example, Player A has a modified client to give his sword swing an increase in power to hit Player B. He hits Player B and Player B is sent off the map because the velocity and force behind the sword was modified beyond the parameters laid out by the game. This is an obvious problem and would easily ruin a multiplayer game. However, if the physics are verified or calculated server side, we can check to ensure they fall within the normal parameters and prevent this type of abuse. Instead, the server would take the role of telling a player how hard the sword hit him.

With Project Legion, we were then faced with choosing one of several options.

1) Headless Client Server w/ Unity - In Unity 4.x, a headless client option was released. What this would allow users to do is program a game server which has access to Unity's physics engine, collidors, etc, without having to actually to render and draw everything. You can essentially use Unity's dependencies and engine without having to rewrite a new physics engine. Running a headless client server that doesnt require a gpu allows this to be run on linux command line. You could even run this on a VPS if you were just making a basic server for a unity game.
Pro's: Easy to implement, can run on linux with command line
Con's: Relatively new, reported memory leaks (although likely fixed, I have yet to test myself)

2) Back End Game Client - Some people suggested (likely before the headless client option was released) that a back end client be used to verify physics. This would save time from having to create your own physics engine, however, to me this seems very hackish and not something we'd like to do.
Pro's: Access to unity physics
Con's: Added latency to have to transmit info between client server server client, seems hackish.

3) Use a 3rd party physics engine server side. I was looking at Physx .net wrappers for C#, however, it seems like they are all out of date and have not been updated since 2011. This could be due to the death of XNA as most of these were developed to assist with .Net XNA games. Given that support C# physics engines is pretty much dead, this is not a great option unless I dive into another language, such as Java, or C++. I'd like to just stick with C#, although I've used Java many times in the past; likewise, its very similar to C#.
Pro's: Many 3rd party physics engines have a lot of features and would be great to use.
Con's: Time, can take more time to implement, learn. If using C# wrapper, many 3rd party physics engines seem to now be dead or dormant.

4) Create your own physics engine. While I'd like to do this and learn more about physics, if we can instead use Unity's engine on the server, it may save some time.
Pro's: Complete control, if you can build it you can use it.
Con's: Can be time consuming.

We've opted for 1) right now. The best thing right now would be to test out the headless client/server and see how smoothly it runs. If it starts eating up the CPU as some people have reported, although those posts were a few months old on the Unity forums, then we might have to think of something else. If it doesn't, this may be the best way to go.

Project Legion is an MMO in early stages of development. To see past Dev Logs, please visit here. Project Legion is only a working title until the official game title is released.