Stone Legion

by Chris at 6:22 AM
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Project Legion is coming along nicely, we've hit our first milestone and we're now working towards our second of many Milestones. The first Milestone is a basic multiplayer client and basic server interacting with each other. This is now complete. We are now working on adding further interaction between players, adding in NPCs, chat, and a bunch of other basic game elements and goodies.

One little problem we ran into was instantiating gameobjects using the constructor of a class rather than using unity's "GetComponent". Scripts that will be used on a GameObject have to inherit from MonoBehaviour as there are many functionalities that come with MonoBehaviour that are required for things to work properly. Originally we tried to make do without this, I wanted to just to create objects by calling them by their constructor, i.e. MyObject myObject = new MyObject();. This worked fine up until I started adding textmeshes. I then had to switch over to using something called GetComponent to access a script attached within the GameObject, as I was getting weird functionality without it otherwise.

Anyway, the code below is just a quick snip of instantiating a GameObject and then accessing a script that is attached to that GameObject. This GameObject in particular is a prefab. If anyone ever plans on using Unity, this is a basic concept you will have to understand.
GameObject gObj;
//instantiating a GameObject from the prefab characterPrefab.
gObj = (GameObject)Instantiate(characterPrefab,vector,Quaternion.identity);
//access the PlayerObject C# script within the GameObject gObj which we just instantiated in the line above.
PlayerObject poScript = (PlayerObject)gObj.gameObject.GetComponent(typeof(PlayerObject));
//call/do/set/get whatever functions/variables/etc within the PlayerObject script
poScript.objectName =;
poScript.playerId = gList.pId; =;
by Kane Hart at 1:21 AM
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Finally! This Hotfix today will make it so we can actually craft the GregTech Industrial Grinder!

Updated Mods:
  • Updated BuildCraft to 369
  • Updated GregTech to 4.0.3d
  • Updated IndustrialCraft to 160
by ElectroBot at 10:40 PM
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Hey! You! Did you hear about the new snapshot? No? Well, there’s a new snapshot! Huzzah! What got added? Stuff! What got fixed? Bugs! If you find any more silly bugs, please help us fix it by reporting it to our bug tracker.
We still strongly recommend that you don’t run the snapshots on an existing world if you don’t want to run into chunk errors. There is a known issue with world structures such as Nether Fortresses not transitioning to 1.7 from 1.6, but we will be bringing out a 1.6.3 shortly to fix this.
To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.
Server files:
Report bugs here:
by Kane Hart at 1:00 PM
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We got a small update tonight to hopefully fix some progress issues in Gregtech and another Dupe bug in ExtraCells. At the same time we had a request to increase the max chat line limit to 500 so it's been done!

Updated Mods:
  • Updated ExtraCells to 1.4.1
  • Updated GregTech to 4.0.3c
  • Updated IndustrialCraft to 158
  • Updated InGameInfo to r03
  • Updated Tabby Max History to 500 Lines
by Kane Hart at 11:41 PM
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Just wanted to let everyone know our first major update is out with 11 mods being updated as well as some minor tweaks here and there. Please let us know if you have any issues at all and if you have any tweak suggestions here and there.

Please also note you will need to close your updater to receive and view the new update to grab the latest information from the server. So if you are having wrong version issues just close Minecraft + the Updater and relaunch and click update.

Updated Mods:
  • Updated BuildCraft to 367
  • Updated ExtraCells to 1.4.0
  • Updated GregTech to 4.03b
  • Updated NuclearControl to 1.6.2c Exp
  • Updated Immibis Core to 56.0.5
  • Updated Immibis Microblocks to 56.0.5
  • Updated industrialcraft to 155
  • Updated Infernal Mobs to 1.3.9
  • Updated MFFS to 223
  • Updated Railcraft to
  • Updated redlogic to 56.1.1
by Chris at 10:52 AM
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Hey everyone, we've been working on the client for Project Legion and can now proudly say that we've created multiplayer support. At this point in the project, multiple clients (not released to public atm) can log onto the server, each client sees each other client moving around. Likewise, we've added some animations for the client so that player movement is animated. Next step we plan to add some basic attack functions, more just for fun than anything else, and from there we'll continue on our road to creating Project Legion.

It has taken a bit longer to get this far than I would have liked, I had to take a week off of working on the project to do other things. I'm in the middle of moving at present, which is interfering. Likewise, we had to create a few scripts between the Stone Legion website and Stone Legion Minecraft, which took a few of my nights to create.

Anyway, tonight I was stuck with Unity not working like it should *smashes keyboard*. Within Unity exists something called a GameObject. GameObjects are what the every object in game is built from. You can add C# scripts into your GameObjects to do whatever you code them to do, or control your GO's with other scripts elsewhere. Each player is a GO. I was trying to update the position of player gameobjects sent from the server, so that players could see other players, however, the GameObject.Find(name).transform.position = vector didnt seem to be updating the position.

After an hour of trying different approaches, instead I opted to create an IList, which you can then query with LINQ in a similar way to SQL - only this list is in memory, not stored in a DB - although you could store it to a DB and query that DB by LINQ too if you wanted. This is a pretty efficient way to retrieve a column from a list in memory and I've read it is also quite fast doing this server side (which is something we do). You can easily search lists in memory by quering them and even update records in the list as well. The code below is a basic example of searching for a GameObject by a name, and then updating the GameObject's position. If the GameObject doesn't exist, it gets added to the gameObjectList and can then later be found again by calling this method and searching by its name.

using System.Linq;

IList gameObjectList = new List();
public GameObject character;
//.... very basic coding for example
void UpdateOrAddGameObject(string name, Vector3 vector)
var record = (from gol in gameObjectList where == name select gol).FirstOrDefault();
if(record != null)
record.transform.position = vector;
GameObject gObj = (GameObject)Instantiate(character,vector,Quaternion.identity); = name;

Anyway, bed time for now, will continue tomorrow and maybe soon we'll have something to show. Right now it's not much, still an eye sore, although yesterday I was doing a client stress test and had about 50,000 mock players walking down my monitor. It was pretty cool. ;)
by Burns1200 at 2:27 AM
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It’s that time of the year again. Hold onto your hats because we have brand new bugs features for you to explore! Introducing the first snapshot of Minecraft 1.7: 13w36a. What’s new, you ask? I don’t know! You tell me! We’re keeping this one a secret for now, but please report anything that you think is not an intended feature to our bug tracker.
We strongly recommend that you don’t run the snapshots on an existing world if you want your landscape to stay pretty. You’ll get silly chunk borders and they don’t look pretty at all. I’d even go as far as to call them ugly.
To get the snapshot, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.
Server files:
Report bugs here:
// The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams

And in the comments!
by Kane Hart at 2:02 AM
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The server is up and online and everything is a go!
Client Download:
Please Consider VIP:
Application: (Only needed if you have never applied to Stone Legion)

Some of the Server Mods:

Applied Energistics
Biomes O Plenty
Binnie Extra Bees/Trees
Compact Windmills
Dimensional Anchor
Ender Storage
Extra Cells
Extra Utilities
Iron Chests
Not Enough Items
Nuclear Control
Steve’s Carts
And Much Much More!
by Kane Hart at 1:36 PM
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Launch Tonight!
Thanks to you guys and girls for testing and Big thanks to Chris on helping us get our VIP system on the site and including a new Minecraft Info page. We are pretty much set and are planning on launching at 9PM EST tonight. Just check my under my name in this post to see my current local time for a better countdown! Any Last minute issues or concerns or even just helping juggle some ideas to make sure things launch smooth would be great!

New Minecraft Info Page:
This was the biggest edition to our pile of work tonight, thanks to Chris's wonderful programming skills and taking the time out of our game we are making, to help bring a nice all in one Minecraft info page. Please note that we need a lot more meat and potatoes, but we really wanted to offer the community especially new players something that really speaks to them from start to finish in the most cleanest layout possible. We love to hear your suggestions and ideas in this thread, so we can try to fit most of the content into this single mini site rather then having 100's of tabs and fill the site with more clutter and confusion. I added it to our progression bar below and consider it at 75%. Very usable but lots of room for improvement.

Thanks to Agility for being our first and only subscriber for our first day of launch of the new service. Thanks to him we were able to fix a couple of bugs that hopefully will solve any issues for anyone else in the future. Please note that during the launch of the server tonight we might not have time to fix any last minute VIP Subscriptions and might delay their activation. So please Subscribe as soon as possible.

Minecraft Info page: [progress='green']75[/progress]
Server Testing: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Finalize Mods: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
VIP System: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Build Client with McUpdater: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Build Server: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Client Testing: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
by Kane Hart at 3:06 PM
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VIP System:
The new VIP system is in and we had worked over 12 hours straight just to bring you a clean and automated system. It's simple you click Subscription at the top, click VIP and follow the instructions and you are done. Please note though the system can take 5-15 Minutes to process thanks to Paypal! After that you will be added automatically to the VIP system on any Stone Legion Server and even have a new forum Color and Member Group with MORE Features coming in the near future. So make sure that you filled your Minecraft name correctly in your setting located here! Just a reminder at this time we only have Modded and Creative but even that both will have VIP system support and are running just fine right now!

Warning: There might be issues here and there but whatever happens will fix and solve all VIP Issues when we wake up! So just let us know the good and bad! I hope we actually did more good then bad ;)

Modded News:
Now onto the modded news! The VIP System took us a lot longer then we had expected and we had some issues with the new Permissions system that is now on both Creative and Modded that I ended up losing a lot of work on the Modded servers permissions. We have 2 major issues one with GregTech and one with Industrial Craft causing some nasty crashes that I like to try to solve before the launch. We did not get time to do much work on the modded server and unfortunately with IC's major changes it's actually a bit more damaging then we had expected. For example the Liquid UU System not in yet, so no UU Matter even though when the time comes we should be fine. The other issues is Reactors crash the server and then we are hitting a API issue here and there.

Permissions SQL System:
More news on the permissions system is now 100% MySQL Based. Meaning now that we don't actually need to reload the entire thing for user changes all you do is logout and login. This added some issues but in the end will actually make life a lot more easy for some automated maintenance.

Delay Till Wednesday?
Long story short I don't think will be Launching Tuesday night now that will be going to bed so late today and will end up getting up so late and have still a lot of work to do that we could not even launch even within 2-4 hours after we wake up. At that point it will have already been 10PM+ and I rather launch the server on a fresh day that you wake up and relax into not have to cry, OMG I FORGOT TO DEOP EVERYONE!

Modded Server Banned Items and Donations:
Modded Server Banned Items (Open To VIP Members) - Before we started these were not the most easy things to consider and most of these were banned based on things like chunks loaders and performance. So it's not as bad of a list but it's pretty much Chunk Loaders, Computer Craft Anything, Steve Carts, Boring Machine/TnT Cart, Mining Laser, dynamites, filler/builder/quarry/pump (IC Pumps are still Open)
I sort of want to add another item or 2 more related to convince like say Ender Chest or Gravi Stuff. Ender Chest though might be considered lag because then people use more pipe so I'm not trying be an ass for that. But at the same time if you said disable Quantium Suit/Grav Chest you encourage people to donate but also it's a pretty large impact on the server. I can tell you 5 of us flying in every direction on gravi would own the performance. But then again it's so far and high end game that no one will bother donating at lower levels for that as a unlock.

So I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions related to Donations and encouragement. You are the ones that tend to donate most the time anyways so you tell me what is fair besides the clear performance violator bans.
// Computer Craft

// Open Peripherals

// Railcraft

// IndustrialCraft

// Bulld Craft

// Steves Carts

// Dimensional Anchor

What Can You Do To Help?
We need more testing in IC/GregTech, just setting up basic machines making things work. Just Please DO NOT TOUCH Nuclear Reactors!

Server Testing: [progress='green']75[/progress]
Finalize Mods: [progress='green']95[/progress]
VIP System: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Build Client with McUpdater: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Build Server: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
Client Testing: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]