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by Kane Hart at 12:13 PM
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We just wanted to let everyone know that the creative server is going really well so far. Big thanks to Electrobot for his help in testing. So far we got a few new plugins but we also have an entirely new infrastructure. We should be able to get things up for everyone sometime Saturday Night if all goes well. The creative server is going be used to help testing out designs and create some nice designs collaboratively and just have a good time playing around with things. This is not a special creative server where we have any special themes or rules on building structures. It's pretty much a sandbox for your designs and have no wish or need to wipe the map so things should stay there for as long as you don't take it down yourself.

So I had just hinted about an entirely new infrastructure above, what this means is no more connecting directly to the server and you call it a day once you are logged on. Now we have a proxy system where you connect to just the plain old default minecraft port no more of this, not that ports can even go that high (65535). Everything is controlled by a host name and that host name will direct you to the correct server. A example would be if we were running a games server we could call it and it would route you to that server through the proxy. One of the great features of this as well is if the games server was down it could route you to a lobby world say our main server so you could still talk and socialize with your friends. Now its not only just for the convince but also helps bring players closer. We can now chat with everyone on the entire network not just on the one server but also have the power to teleport you from one server to another in the blink of an eye without any kind of special client mods. Last nice feature is the /who will still be the local server and people entering and leaving will still be server based. But your tab list will be global as well as your chat, and private messages. We also have room for expansion on local chat (current server) in case if the population gets to large and the spam from the different servers start to become an issue.

Moving on to Plugins we have a nice new logging system that is a lot better with performance and programmed from the ground up for threading, meaning that any big rollbacks and log checks should not cause such a large impact or stall to the players. Another wonderful feature besides no more needing special or silly tools that any block works as a logging block for moderators is that it will log worldedit usage, even though we are keeping that feature off for now. The next big plugin will be adding is a new banning system called MCBouncer. We had gotten sick and tired with all the downtimes and issues with MCBans so we decided it was time to move onto something more stable for our needs. After that will finish with a new whitelist system done via sql, something that is actually old till we had switched to a permission based whitelist system but will be going back to a sql system that will be global for all Stone Legion Minecraft servers.

So that pretty much wraps things up. Tomorrow will be starting to accept applications and you don't have to ever do another application again for Minecraft. Everything is transferred from one server to another without you having to fill out an application everytime we create a new server. That is the whole point of a sql whitelist system.
by Chris at 9:52 AM
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Although it seems somewhat reverse, I've been working on creating the server for our game (yet to be named) prior to starting on the client. Today I created some basic logic for the server to determine what players were in range of other players as well preparing the server for sending and receiving player information such as move positions, what map a player is on, health, connection info and timeout handling. It is important for the server and client (player side) not to transmit/render every player on the map when only a small number of players may be in the vicinity. One way this is done is for the server to tell the client only players that are close by to render. In other words, there's no point in sending a bunch of info, such as what a player is wearing, what he/she is casting, direction walking, for 250 players connected when only 3 of those players are near you. With that said, there is some logic involved to that, which was taken care of today on the server side.

A bit more about the actual game. I've been thinking a bit more about concepts of the game and features we'd like to see implemented and in addition to having a market economy (discussed in my previous post briefly), skills, trades, all the good stuff of a great game, we've decided we're going to be also creating player farming :lol: . There's just something about planting and growing your crop that is fulfilling and satisfying. Likewise, being able to use that crop in combination with other elements, minerals, ores, equipment, to create items from them is even more rewarding (especially if they give you bonus stats or improve your character).

The overall game concept is yet to be released since it's still a huge work in progress, we are only at the very beginning. Yes we've created flow charts, documents, and formal plans and a road map, however things are still prone to change even with detailed planning. Nonetheless, it's an exciting time. No doubt there is a lot of work ahead of us but we anticipate creating a fun filled multiplayer game that everyone will enjoy. I'll be continuing tomorrow and perhaps have a little more to show.
by Chris at 9:37 AM
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*This was originally posted in Dev Blog last week prior to be moving to front page*

First blog post by me, yay!

Last year, before I learned that XNA was being nerfed by Microsoft :'( I began developing a 2d top down multiplayer game (XNA is also what Terarria was created in). With this previous solo project, I went as far as creating a game client with collision detection, sprite animation, playable maps, in addition to an actual map maker and a back end server. Unfortunately I then learned that XNA was not going to be continued with Windows 8, Windows Mobile, and Xbox. At that point I gave up on the game since it was still early in development, if the framework wasn't going to be supported then I would not continue to develop for a dead framework. After that, real life got busy and my game dev days were put on hold - until now.

Not all was lost with my previous project. Although the client was built with XNA, the server was created with C# and .NET framework which continues to stay strong. And with that said, I am now able to reuse parts of the server I created previously into our current unnamed project. Last night we were able to make a basic unity application that used TCPClient to connect with our server and send messages back and forth. Although this sounds very basic, there is still some work required to have this sort of communication, and it will form the basis of future development of client server communication in our game. Likewise, the server I previously created was in its infant stages and very basic, only capable of handling multiple connections and relaying player movement co-ordinates.

Anyway, we're continuing to develop and it's exciting times. Our game that we're developing is in its very early stages. We've selected Unity as the game engine since it is easily supported on multiple platforms, coded in C#.

In terms of game play ideas, we want to make a very interactive multiplayer game. More details will emerg as we move further into development, but our game will have a player driven world, a very interactive and in-depth player market economy, large and small factions, trades, skills, all the good stuff mmorpg's include, and more. The game will obviously have its own unique features to separate it from everything else, and these will be revealed as we develop.

Anyway, thank you for reading, I will continue to post news, progress, and anything else that comes up relating to this game. For anyone interested, we welcome you to follow and be a part of our project as we move forward from here.
by Kane Hart at 9:12 PM
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"Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!", I mean the launch of the Stone Legion Community forums!

Some of you may know us or each other from other servers or communities. Some of you may be totally new. Welcome one and all!

This is a gaming community that will launch a Minecraft server after MC 1.7 comes out, but will also delve into other games.

We strongly encourage our members to join the Teamspeak (voice chat) server, participate in events, help others in building structures and a better community.

Before the launch of the Build server, we'd like to give you some challenges so we've set-up a temporary challenge server.

The first challenge is Sethbling's Blocks vs Zombies Minecraft mini-game.

Hop on to the server (IP:, and see if you and a few other players can defeat the zombie horde. Jump onto our Teamspeak server to co-ordinate and strategize against the undead.

Stick around and play with us.