Stone Legion

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New Dwarf Fortress Like game that I had a blast playing.
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Server is right now in creative testing building a station for the launch. Please don't join in to screw things up. Please talk to Togy First on Steam or TS.

We have decided that we are going to be opening up a 24/7 Dedicated Space Engineers Server till Planets come out. At that time we are going to continue without a wiping and having fun. This is going to be a VIP Only server because Space Engineers just does not play right with many users and we also want to enable things like in game scripting.

To become a VIP Member Click Here!

Server Rules:
  • No Griefing The Server
  • No Lagging The Server
  • Max 4 Small Drills (Big Drills Disabled)
  • Please keep all unused ships docked to a station when not in use.
  • No using Medical Rooms to Teleport Around.
The reasons for our tough rules is mainly because of the Netcode. In Space Engineers any action one player does everyone else feels the effects and this is heavily in mining or having tons of ships floating around space etc.

Installed Mods:
List of 104.011 Known Bugs:
  • Unlimited View Distance - Report
  • Remote Control Relay Bug - Report
  • DX11 Battery Status - Report
  • Suit Oxygen Runs Out I don't take damage with Helmet on. - Report
  • Strange Oxygen - Report
  • Choppy Mining - Report

Server Settings:
  • Inventory Size Multiplier = 5
  • Assembler Speed Multiplier = 3
  • Assembler Efficiency Multiplier = 3
  • Refinery Speed Multiplier = 3
  • Max Players = 64
  • Max Floating Objects = 64
  • Environment Hostility = Safe
  • Auto Healing = False
  • Enable Copy/Paste = True
  • Weapons Enabled = True
  • Show Player Names on HUD = True
  • Cargo Ships Enabled = True
  • Enable Spectator = False
  • Remove Trash = True
  • World Size in KM = 0 (Unlimited)
  • Respawn Ship Delete = True
  • Reset Ownership = False
  • Welding Speed Multiplier = 3
  • Grinder Speed Multiplier = 3
  • Realistic Sounds = True
  • Client can Save = True
  • Hack Speed Multiplier = 0.33
  • Permanent Death = False
  • Auto Save in Minutes = 30
  • Spawnship Time Multiplier = 1
  • Procedural Density = 0.30
  • Procedural Seed = 123
  • Destructible Blocks = True
  • Enable ingame Scripts = True
  • View Distance = 10,000
  • Flora Density = 20
  • Enable Tool Shake = False
  • Voxel Generator Version = 2
  • Enable Oxygen = True
  • Enable 3rd Person View = True
  • Enable Encounters = True
  • Enable Flora = False
  • Enable Station Voxel Support = False
  • Enable Sun Rotation = False
  • Disable respawn ships / carts = True
  • Physicsiterations = 4
  • Sun Rotation Interval = 240 (4 Hours)
  • Enable Jetpack = True
  • Spawn with Tools = True
  • Enable Voxel Destruction = True
  • Enable Drones = True
  • Pause Game When Empty = False

How to join the server. Create a shortcut on your desktop and use this as the following location:
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Hey everyone I wanted to Share a Project that we been working on for a while now and making it actually more public now. It's called Blocklings. It's going to be a Voxel Based game like Minecraft, Cubeworld, and the many other games out there that has come out and or will be coming out.

This is our future and we hope to be a life time job that we can work on for many years to come.

The difference in our game then a lot of games is the biggest idea and that is that we want to provide a lot of assets to the community. Because of this were making all our Voxel Assets Open Source and allowing the community contribute their Voxel assets to our game. As the Engine progresses will even allow players to make templates of things they create within the game and will add them to our Game Modes like DayZ style survival, or Hunger Games, or Even Counter Strike like modes.

Modding/Modeling Guide:
(Please note the Features page needs a over hull. Not to remove or change but to add quite a few features into it)

We already have Procedural Generation Added and it's basic creative mode. We plan on advancing our Creative mode then moving onto survival and then game modes like you would see in Minecraft but created by the community and coded to the way you guys want by us and given a ton of options so you can customize your servers the way you want.

If your interested in supporting us then the game is a simple $10 fee and nothing else. No Tier packages etc. We want to be as open and honest as possible and we are not here to make enough money to buy a rocket ship. We just want enough where we can keep working on Blocklings as a full time job.


We hope you will consider signing up to the site and being involved with our development. We have a suggestions section already setup so this is your chance to be involved.
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So Trove is a new MMORPG by Trion Worlds.

This is a F2P MMORPG Via Steam that is not Pay 2 Win!

We hope that a few of you guys from Stone Legion will check it out and see how it plays. See if you be willing to give it a small try and join us in the game!
We have a Club Called Stone Legion in the game my name is Kane you can friend me and I can invite to the club.

Current Plan:
  • Setup a Small Base at our Club.
  • To not Terraform or Building Anything too special till we expand all the land.

Let's Play Series:
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Server: Ashleys
Character: Mount Tyrannas
Playlist: Full Playlist

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Server: North America Mega Server.
Character: Kane Hart
Playlist: Full Playlist

Episode 1:
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We are happy to announce the Stone Legion Private Server is now open to the public. This means if you are a VIP Member you can reply to this thread to become whitelisted after becoming a VIP Member.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • To join the server you must be a VIP Member.
  • Try to Build within 2k of Spawn so we can prune chunks easier.
  • Please don't explore too much. If you need something that you normally explore for then ask the community. We are here to help and we want to keep the chunks down since there is no world border.
  • Please keep your designs lag free and don't go too crazy making say 20 Generators for power is considered a bit overkill on server resources. We share the world with many others.
  • We are a friendly community and we encourage visiting each players bases regularly. But keep in mind going through peoples chests and systems is considered rude. Don't be opening their things without asking them.
Current Roster (Players):
  • Andyipod1437
  • Bearjew1986
  • Dala68
  • Dronf
  • ElectroBot
  • Johnmg3
  • Kane_Hart
  • Krylyah
  • Passionone
  • Sunshaker
  • Togeh
  • Vvenaya

Community Projects:
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Today we talk about SWTOR Let's Play Series we wanted to know if we should start from scratch or continue the series. Here is the Playlist for the last series we worked on!

We also started our LP Series for Terraria and you can find it here!

We also apologize for the lack of Empyrion LP Series as there is a recent EULA that says we can't make videos / streams.
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About: Final Fantasy XIV is one the best FF Games in the series that ended up being remade after failing to deliver being fresh and innovating back in the day. There for A Realm Reborn had come out with so many massive changes that it was not even the same game anymore and this was for the better. FF14 is a MMORPG for both PS3, PS4, and PC where will be most of the time.

Character: Kane Hart
Server: Leviathan
Free Company: Stone Legion
Friends: Kalo Ax (Andy)

Youtube Master Playlist For Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Recruit a Friend Codes:
Redeem Site | Rewards
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In our first update we talk about switching back from Streaming on Twitch / Youtube to mainly doing Let's Play Series again. We found them more successful and enjoyable to do without having to dedicate so much time in between.

We also talk about our Reboot of FF14 (Since the Streaming) and Empyrion, Factorio 0.12, and in the distant future Space Engineers with Planets!