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Update 6 video is out today. We talk about the removal of Blood Magic and Draconic Evolution. We know this has impacted a few of our players and and a few players are angry with us and we do apologize. We also like to thank the ones that have lost things and had backed us up no matter what costs it had on them. You were the ones who made the transition better for me.

We don't see any reason to butcher anything from here on out. These are growing pains and normal operations on a server that sadly did not have rigorous testing. There might be things that might be over powered in this and that mod but at least we know a lot more about these mods and have a lot less to need to be worried about and keep an eye on people.

We thank you for your time in this matter.

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Before you vote please take the time to read the feedback within the thread. Please note that my post is my opinion and my experience of the mod.

So it looks like majority of people agree that we should ban automated Mining. Now there is still talk about ore bushes. I'm not going to intervene in it I will wait for people to talk it out with each other and decide what they want over the next few days.

Sadly it's not all kittens and puppies today. We need to talk about the future of Draconic Evolution.... This mod was brought to us by someone who said it take about 3 weeks to do certain tasks in this mod. It took us a week to hit some the most over powering features if not a couple of days.

  • Teleports - No costs, Free teleports, cheap as hell. But it does bring the community together.
  • Power Storage - 2.something Trillion of energy storage.. Anyone can make it within their first day of playing as long they have a jetpack... Kills all storage in all the other mods.
  • Most Powerful armor in the game. Sure many mods add invulnerability but this is one step off from having /op.
  • Most Powerful weapons in the game.. Top weapon 25x25 AOE 80 Damage + 30% of the mobs health of damage.
  • Most Powerful pick in the game. Instant yes Instant break faster then creative break even. Can do 9x9 clearly that is illegal but even 3x3 you can run one side the world to the other with a fast jetpack and mine it within 3-5 Minutes. Yes 72,000 blocks within 5 minutes.
I can go on and on but I think you are getting the point...
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Today is a pretty big day for the future of our Server. I think it's time to finally retire Mining Automation on the server. There is so many reasons why but I think the biggest is there is just no need for it. Why we throwing away our tools and using automated mining to begin with. This is Minecraft? We mined for years with nothing but diamond tools and 0 enchants. We have 3x3 Hammers and so many cool things you can do via mining by hand that there is just no reason to go back to automated mining.

We are not creating 1000's of solar panels to power something silly or stupid. We are not using GregTech. So there is just no reason for it. They create lag, they promote afking play and no one ever actually plays and their just devastating to the economy and lands.

So I propose a full ban on all Automated Mining from Magic mods to Tech mods as well as a ban on Mining that does anything past a 3x3 size. Tinkers is a great fun mod that has such crazy customization. I don't see why one would just play up a magic tree just for a pick and put the exact same enchants as everyone else. There is no balancing at all.

So what do you guys think? Will you learn to give up your old ways and come back to Minecraft?

Also what should we do about Ore Bushes? They are actually turning into the number 1 automated Mining on the server with a few people fully automating the bushes. Just want to hear your opinions!
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Today we take a small tour and talk about our first 7 days of being online!
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The Server is now Online! Please note this is a soft launch. Meaning if something blows up or break we might need to rollback but very unlikely to ever happen but we just want to warn you.

General Pages:
Modded Minecraft:

Please note VIP Members will not show up right away in the game it will take time as I have to wait you online.

Will update this thread on more info soon!

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Good news everyone! The server should be launching around 12-14 Hours from this post. I think everything should be ready and set. There is always a possible for something to go wrong but we think we are ready and it's worth giving it a try.

Please Get your VIP / Applications done now! Since when the server launches I will be busy playing and recording!

I'm super tired and lacking sleep but I think it has been worth it for you guys!
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Thank you everyone who helped test. I wanted to put a big thanks to a couple of our new members who helped a lot over the last couple days and were on Teamspeak @Sunshaker & @MuracoWolfpaw Also thanks again to @ElectroBot for always being there and @Bagline for participating and testing out a lot of mods out of his normal realm and @Parad0x13. I know others tested and ty just putting in thanks to the longer and teamspeak users.

I now consider us Gold. Meaning we are pretty much done and ready to launch besides some internal house keeping that we need to do. Right now as we speak the world is being generated:
[07:11:57] [Server thread/INFO]: Generated 113200 / 250000 chunks [ 45.28% ]

Server will now say Whitelist Required. Will have a signup Forum section rather do that then a thread later today. Right now even if you are whitelisted you will not access the server till the launch.

Our tasks Today/Tomorrow:
  • Generate the Overworld / Nether.
  • Permissions for VIP Members.
  • Automated Backup System.
  • More Permissions security checks mainly in commands.
  • Work on the Wiki Adding Rules, Tutorials/Guides, how to connect and a troubleshooting page for the Launcher.
  • More website cleanup / whitelist forum section added.
  • GUI Launch Message Update
  • Maybe add some BUpload Filters for Single Player.
  • Wipe my entire client make sure things work fine.
  • Try to build a new client exe wrapper that might try to require java 8/64bit?
  • Update Mods Wiki with a few changes.
I might have more tasks so I ask please let me know if there is something I should double check or look at. This is a community effort meaning that we need everyone to pitch in and make it a better place. Feel free to screw around remove mcupdate folder in %appdata% etc and report if you run into issues or if everything is fine.

PS you can still test in Single Player :)

This is what Spawn looks like. Unless you guys actually care a lot I deiced something more empty and flat. 2 Main reasons for this is flat is easy to work on a community spawn. Number 2 was not too many large hills, tree's etc. This means a very low lag spawn area for people who might normally have more issues then others.

Expected Launch of the Server is Wednesday Evening. Before or around or after super EST not clear but that is my goal. It will be a soft launch meaning we will not be advertising it all over the internet for the first days. If we hit a really big issue we might need to rollback wipe etc the first couple days.
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We talk about the following topics:
  • Debugging / Profiling Lag Issues
  • Some Setbacks with Forge Essentials
  • Banned Items List
  • VIP Items List
  • Why We Ban and VIP Things.
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So I just want to keep you guys and girls updated with Stone Legion, Minecraft, Stardale, & Miscellaneous Fansites we run.

So for people who don't know we have moved from our old datacenter and now fully running in a Canadian Datacenter. We did a lot of research on the location and costs and found it to be quite perfect. 90% of everyone seem to have lower ping times around the world. On top of that we had a better stable network. Less packet loss and disconnects.

So what did this cost us? I don't like to boast but we are paying around what we pay now accept a hefty setup fee. That is right nothing comes for free in this world. But we think it's worth it.

Our new Servers:
Server 1 - Minecraft and nothing else:

Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4 GHz+
32 GB Ram
3 x 120 GB SSD

Server 2 - Websites:
Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4 GHz+
32 GB Ram
3 x 120 GB SSD

Server 3 - Stardale:
Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4 GHz+
32 GB Ram
3 x 120 GB SSD

Yes you are reading this right. We now have 3 Dedicated servers not just 1 for the price of the one we had before. This is not only more stable and secure but allows us to scale even further then ever before.

To give you an idea of our old Server it was a Nice Rig running a Intel Xeon E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz with crap ton of SSD's and 32gigs of ram. But it ran not only 3 Minecrafts servers, Starmade, Teamspeak, Half Dozen Sites and more. It also ran a VPS Setup. Meaning we had 4-5 Linux VM's running and 1 Windows VM Running. Even with just 1 single VM your losing performance on visualization. Now you see how impressive our new server is it's pretty much 3 times the power 3 times the ram and much more!

Our Servers all come from Anti-DDoS with live packet monitoring and filtering. Meaning no more attacks no more worries completely automated and if it gets past they get alerted and manually deal with the attacks in house in real time.

On top of all that we have 100's of Gigs of backup off site and on site. So no data loss if something horrific were to ever happen and I assure you we take all the measures possible to prevent that.

So I hope this was a informative update on our new server capabilities and our clear long term commitment to the future of Stone Legion and our other projects. We are not going anywhere!