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Just reminding everyone that Season 3 Starts Tonight.

Friday, April 10 @ 6:00 p.m. PDT !

Not sure I will be there myself but I know for a fact that quite a lot of people are attending so make sure you hop onto Teamspeak!
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We did some forum clean up. We mainly hid some old sections, like applications and the news section and yes the news section. Overtime more and more end up posting new via their forum section and then promote it as news via the front page.

So rather then just having Minecraft posts and other random posts all mixed into one forum section they will now be posted in their appropriate forum section.

Will be also doing more updates over the next couple weeks as we slowly gear up for our new Minecraft servers.
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So we been talking tonight on Teamspeak. Clearly our Build Server is dead and if we disable Whitelists it will just get worse overtime as we have no block protection and trying to add one at this stage is well just silly and impossible to deal with the griefs.

This is a 1.8.3 Server!

The idea is to start fresh and retire the old world. Not a big deal some people will lose a bit but overall there is not much there to begin with sadly. With the new server will come new ideas and new features. One the biggest thing we are looking into is testing out Protection system like Grief Prevention Plugin. This would allow people to setup a very simple protection system to protect their base.

I also have been considering adding a bit more structure to the server. 200 out protected spawn with a road network and someday a rail network. The idea is there be 2 nether and 2 end portals around the world around the 2k marks away from spawn. The goal is to promote people living further away and not spawn. We also like to add more features away from spawn overtime like mob arenas and more.

Rough picture of the idea:
Grey = Spawn
Red = Nether Portals
Beige = End Portals
Black = Roads and overtime a rail system?

We have the map set at max out 2k to start with. So this way we have time to develop a smaller area and overtime will expand out. Maybe as a goal once we finish a road/rail network.

The idea with this map is more people will be drawn to the 4 corners rather then just spawn. We hope to offer them a better appeal.

The rules will be light and we are not here to police or tell you what you can or can't do. Will not stop people from having fun but will intervene or people abusing server resources.

Plugins that we are considering:

Progression Update:

Today we created the Survival server so we can do more proper testing on it. We added Better Shops Plugin with Vault Plugin. We decided Chest Shops is getting old and we wanted something that was more powerful and simpler via a interface. Also started to work on some permissions and created the survival database and go through some plugin configs.

Today we got a lot started. We decided to Wipe the creative server and over the next few days will end up hosting the files to download. We now have a blank testing ground to not only test plugins and features we are adding to the server but also test out creations that people are planning on making on the Survival server. Electro and Bagline started plans on a waterway system with build in train / walkway.

We updated several plugins and tested them. Plugins so far in testing:
  • ByteCart
  • Chairs
  • dynmap
  • Essentials
  • EssentialsSpawn
  • Lift
  • PermissionsEx
  • prism
  • WorldBorder
  • worldedit
  • worldguard
We talked more about our plans. We would like to bring back Trade 2.0 like place using Chest Signs. We also like to consider highly bring a new world for this as well as generating a new world MAYBE for Vanilla for people to get more clay and other rare resources overtime. This is quite a Maybe as our main world plugin we use is down.

ElectroBot and I start talking about Minecraft and how we could change things and make it better. Overall we slowly built some hype up and others in the community seem to have their interests peaked. We decided it was time to start a brand new permanent server aimed at not forcing people to have to get whitelisted.

We Upgrade Creative to 1.8.3 and remove some broken plugins and upgraded others.

Commands / Features:

Normal User Commands:
/who /list
- shows players online
/money - Shows your balance
/money pay # - Let's you pay / give money to other players
/money log - Shows your log of recent transactions
/help - Shows help file
/getpos - shows x,y,z,yaw,pitch information
/seen name - Shows when player was last online or if their online
/sethome - sets your home
/home - teleports you to your home
/recipe id - shows you the recipe to create the item.
/sremove shopname - Allows the user to remove their own shop.

Normal User Features:
  • Colored Signs
  • Chair Sit (Right click stairs)

VIP Users:
- Allows you to change the world time client side
/pweather - Allows you to change the world weather client side
/workbench - Allows you to open a virtual workbench.
/enderchest - Allows you to open the Ender chest anywhere in the world.
/top - Allows the user to Teleport to the highest block above them.
/spawn - Allows the player to warp to spawn.
/hat - Allows you to wear the block in your hand as a hat.

VIP User Features:
  • Better Shop NPC's

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. Stone Legion is more of a building community then say hunger games or counter strike like games. So we are not trying promote crazy outside the box ideas but trying to grow and work with some of our favorite features and expand on them more.
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This is the thread dedicated to our Dedicated Stone Legion Sever. This server is dedicated and only open to VIP Members of the community. Due to the performance issues and griefing we just wanted a small and fast dedicated server for our community.

Current Mods Installed:
How to join the server. Create a shortcut on your desktop and use this as the following location:
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As Season 2 comes to an end and we prepare to launch Patch 2.2.0, we’re seeing lots of anticipation among players for Season 3. In addition to the 10 new or revamped sets that will be available in the patch, Seasonal players will have all-new Season-exclusive rewards to enjoy.

As with past Seasons, nephalem who test their mettle in Season 3 will have first crack at getting shiny new or revamped Legendary items, gain access to the final parts of the Conqueror’s transmogrification set, and have new Conquests to complete. Without further ado, let’s get rolling!


Table of Contents:


In addition, here are the other new or reworked items that will be available first to those playing in Season 3, along with their respective Legendary affixes:
  • Dead Man's Legacy
    • Multishot hits enemies who are below 50-60% health twice​
  • Dread Iron
    • Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche​
  • Nagelring
    • Summons a Fallen Lunatic to your side every 12 seconds​
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
    • Your first hit with each cast of a resource-spending attack reduces the remaining cooldown of one of your skills by 1 second​
  • Blessed of Haull
    • Justice spawns a Blessed Hammer when it hits an enemy​
  • Ranslor's Folly
    • Energy Twister periodically pulls in enemies within 30 yards​
  • Little Man's Finger
    • Gargantuan instead summons three smaller Gargantuans, each more powerful than the original​
  • Spirit Guards
    • Your Spirit generators reduce your damage taken by 30-40% for 3 seconds​



As always, our philosophy when creating Achievements is that they should require time and effort to obtain. The Conquests and Season-exclusive Achievements available in Season 3 reflect this idea. While some may be achieved through normal play, you’ll find that some require creativity and dedication if you want to complete them!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does Season 3 start?
A: Season 3 begins April 10 at 6 p.m. PDT in North America, 6 p.m. CEST in Europe and 6 p.m. KST in Asia.

Q: How long will Season 3 last?
A: While we don’t have a specific time frame to share for Season 3, we are continuing to collect feedback from players on Season length, which we’ll be taking into consideration going forward.

Q: When are the Leaderboards being wiped for Season 2?
A: Leaderboards will be cleared once the Season comes to a close. While the leaderboards will be cleared, they will be preserved both in-game and here on our website if you wish to review your Season 2 accomplishments.

Q: When are the non-Seasonal Leaderboards being wiped?
A: Non-Seasonal Leaderboards are tied to what we call “Eras.” We currently anticipate the next wipe to coincide with the transition to Season 3, although this may not be the case for future Seasons.

Q: Will Seasons be coming to console?
A: Some features on console are best designed for that platform, and the same is true for the PC version of the game. A large part of the fun of Seasons is the entire community rerolling heroes together at the same time. The offline and disconnected nature of console does not support this style of play. As a result, we do not currently have plans to implement Seasons on console.

Get Ready To Hit The Ground Running!
We hope you enjoyed this preview of what to expect for Season 3, and we’re looking forward to seeing you bolt out of the gate with the rest of us once the Season begins.

While we're on the subject, nephalem, what class will you be leveling when the Season begins, and which of the new or revamped sets coming in Patch 2.2.0 will you use? Are you eager to tackle the new Conquests and Season-only Achievements, or are you simply looking forward to joining your friends and exploring the game from a fresh perspective once more? We’re eager to hear your thoughts below!
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Patch 2.2.0 is currently in development and coming soon to a Public Test Region near you! Here's a first look at some of the new content and changes you can expect to see and, of course, test to your heart's delight once the PTR is live.

Table of Contents

*Please note that this is a preview. This information does not reflect all the updates coming in patch 2.2.0 and is subject to change. Some images represent works in progress, and may not be representative of the final product.


In addition, we're redesigning—and, in some cases, adding—bonuses to existing Sets like Zunimassa's Haunt, Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Roland's Legacy, Tal Rasha's Elements, Inna's Mantra, Natalya's Vengeance, and Immortal King's Call. This means a grand total of ten new or revamped play styles to try out!

New Legendary Item Powers:
Sets aren't the only new items you’ll see in patch 2.2.0. We're also adding over 15 new Legendary powers in the form of Legendary gems, armor, rings, and more, as well as updates to existing items.


Among these new Legendary powers include the one you, our community, helped create during theBlizzCon Legendary Workshop! We're still finalizing the details on this item (includings its name), and we'll be interested to know what you think once you've had the chance to test it out on the PTR.

[paste:font size="4"][​IMG]


New Bounties:

If you're a fan of Adventure Mode, you'll be happy to hear that you'll soon have over 20 new bounties to discover in Acts II, IV, and V. We're also introducing a brand new type of bounty to the game: Exploration. As the name implies, these new bounties involve exploring an area and finding people who need to be rescued (if they're good guys) or slain (if they're not). You'll see 14 bounties of this type across all Acts in the game.

[paste:font size="4"][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

New Cosmetics Window:
Want to take your Spectral Hound for a romp around Sanctuary without worrying about taking up valuable inventory space? Well, now you can! Starting in patch 2.2.0, any cosmetic items you own can be easily selected from a new interface, so all your visual goodies will be a click away. This includes items whose effect is only for looks and which don't directly affect gameplay, like wings, pets, portrait frames, and pennants.


New File System: CASC
For many years, Blizzard games have used a file format called Mo'PaQ (MPQ for short) as a way to compress and store game files, but it has had a number of technical limitations. To address these, we're switching Diablo III over to our proprietary file format called CASC (Content Addressable Storage Container) in patch 2.2.0.

This new file format has lots of improvements that directly benefit players, including a self-maintaining file structure (which helps prevent errors during installation), a faster and more reliable patching process, the ability to hotfix game client data, and a whole lot more!

The first step in transitioning Diablo III players will be converting existing installs to the new file format when patch 2.2.0 goes live, while using as much of the existing installed data as possible to reduce additional downloads.

Note: This change only applies to the Windows/Mac version of Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, and will not affect the console versions of the game.

[paste:font size="4"]But What About...
While these are a few of the more noticable adjustments we're making, patch 2.2.0 will also include several additional fixes, quality of life enhancements, and other changes not listed above. We're eager to hear your thoughts and feedback as you try out the patch, and look forward to reading your comments below and in the forums.

See you on the PTR, nephalem!
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Just wanted to let everyone know that Diablo 3 Season 2 Starts tonight. The ladder reset happen a week ago and begins tonight. If you like to join in the fun message @brookehennen On Teamspeak. He is there almost every evening.

Season 2 Features:

Season 1 has been a great opportunity for us to introduce new gameplay mechanics to Diablo III, and we explored adding new challenges and content for you to tackle. We learned a lot from our first Season, and today, we've got some details on our next Season to share that reflect on those lessons.

New Season, New Stuff!
As we mentioned when we first introduced Seasons, plenty of new items and rewards are coming with Season 2. But that's not all! Patch 2.1.2 will introduce new features that will certainly have an impact on your Seasonal experience.


For now, let's focus on what the Season itself is introducing and go over what you can expect from the first day of Season 2.

New Seasonal Legendaries
As we announced with our very first Season preview, we’ll be introducing several new Legendary items with each Season. What would a Season preview be without a look at of a few of these upcoming goodies?

Just a few examples of upcoming Seasonal Legendaries!

Note that some of the new items we're implementing are previously-existing Legendary items that lacked powerful, game changing affixes. As we add affixes to them and they become Seasonal Legendaries, these items will no longer drop in non-Seasonal games. Once the Season ends, these items will roll over to the regular loot pool for all game types, complete with their shiny new Legendary affix!

New Conquests:
Some Conquests in Season 1 provided great gameplay experiences. On the flip side, some also drove gameplay that was less than desirable and, more importantly, not very fun. In Season 2, this observation has guided which Conquests are returning, which are not, and how we implemented new Conquests.

You'll see the return of Conquests that encourage long-term goals, such as It’s a Marathon andSprinter. Reaching a specific Greater Rift level or rushing through Campaign mode from Act I to Act V are activities that encourage a variety of gameplay, some of which is outside the norm. In addition, while they offer a clear goal, they also encourage you to push harder for better results.

You can see this ideal in our new Conquests: Avaritia, Worlds Apart, and Language. These are difficult tasks to achieve and might take some out-of-the-box thinking. Be prepared to challenge yourself—not just through a quest for gear, but through experimentation and trial and error. We hope you're looking forward to taking a crack at these Conquests just as much as we are!


For the same reason we haven't provided Paragon leaderboards, we'd like Seasonal gameplay to be interesting and varied. Leveling achievements encourage the exact opposite style of play. We found thatRace to the Top and Living Dangerously produced these unwanted results, so these Conquests will not be returning in Season 2.

New Rewards:
Participants of Season 1 might be familiar with our Conqueror's transmogrification set. Reaching level 70 in any Season will award you with two pieces of these exclusive accoutrements. Season 1 introduced transmogrifications for Helms and Shoulders, and for Season 2, you'll be closer to completing the set with Boots and Pants!

So . . . Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

That's not all. We've raised the bar this Season by introducing a new Seasonal reward. Players who participate in the Season will also receive an exclusive full Banner set, including Shape, Pattern, Sigil, and Accent. Each piece of this set is unlocked by acquiring Seasonal achievement points. For each 100 points you acquire, you'll unlock a new piece as follows:

  • 100 Points: Shape
  • 200 Points: Pattern
  • 300 Points: Accent
  • 400 Points: Sigil
As always, any rewards you earn during the Season are immediately unlocked for use in both Seasonal and Non-Seasonal play.
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Well the game is now officially coming March 10th 2015! This is the game that utilizes true multithreading and the ability to run 1,000,000 REAL NPC's simulated. This is them going to work and home and the story and even leisure. As we know another certain game "Faked" a lot of these events and even faked the population of a factor of "8.25 *". The company has so far been really amazing and as transparent as one could hope these days.

$2 Credit for your next purchase (Click First):[1]
Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition $32:[2]
Cities: Skyline Standard Edition $24:[3]
Coupon Code for 20% off at Checkout:

Cities: Skylines - Release Date Reveal Trailer:

Pre-Purchase Offer:
  • A Carousel
  • Dog Park
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Basketball court
  • Botanical Garden.

Digital Deluxe Edition:

Five in-game items include:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Arc de triumph
  • Grand central terminal
Original Soundtrack:
This Original Soundtrack includes 14 unique tracks mixed from the ambient music of the game, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful music whenever you want.

Digital Art book:
See the concepts behind the buildings! The book features almost a 100 hand drawn concepts of the game various buildings and the story behind each.

About Cities Skylines:
Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game introduces new game play elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience.

From the makers of the Cities in Motion franchise, the game boasts a fully realized transport system. It also includes the ability to mod the game to suit your play style as a fine counter balance to the layered and challenging simulation. You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

Main features:
  • Multi-tiered and challenging simulation: Constructing your city from the ground up is easy to learn, but hard to master. Playing as the mayor of your city you’ll be faced with balancing essential requirements such as education, water electricity, police, fire fighting, healthcare and much more along with your citys real economy system. Citizens within your city react fluidly, with gravitas and with an air of authenticity to a multitude of game play scenarios.
  • Extensive local traffic simulation: Colossal Orders extensive experience developing the Cities in Motion series is fully utilized in a fully fleshed out and well-crafted transport systems.
  • Districts and Policies: Be more than just an administrator from city hall. Designating parts of your city as a district results in the application of policies which results in you rising to the status of Mayor for your own city.
  • Extensive modding support: Build or improve on existing maps and structures. You can then import them into the game, share them as well as download the creations of other city builders on the Steam workshop.
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Welcome to Stone Legion's Official GRAV Dedicated Server's Thread. Here you can find out all the information about our servers and about GRAV the game. GRAV is an amazing game that brings elements from Cube World, Minecraft, DayZ, Landmarks, Word of Warcraft, and many many more. It's a massive crap of features taken from all the great games and made into 1 epic game.

Server 1: ! StoneLegion.Com PvE Server - Patch 6.1 !
Server 1 IP:
Server 2:
! StoneLegion.Com PvP Server - Patch 6.1 !
Server 2 IP:

To connect to one of our servers just hit ~ Key besides your 1 key and copy and paste the Server IP's above including their port.

THIS IS A NO WIPE COMMUNITY: Meaning we will not wipe our servers randomly unless massive technological game impacting changes happen or if new major revisions come out like Beta, release etc. If the community also demands a restart we will most likely also wipe but setup a 2nd server and just keep it going till it dies out.

Great Links:

  • Endless Worlds – The planets of GRAV are procedurally generated from composite parts. This allows for a near infinite combination of biomes, alien sites, and dungeons.
  • Gorgeous Visuals – Genre re-defining visuals allow you to experience fear, excitement, and trepidation in a way never seen before.
  • Frenzied Combat – Compared to the zen-like calm of harvesting resources, combat is a wild ride which you can only hope to survive. Both Melee and Shooting are the tools of death in GRAV.
  • Player vs Player – Create alliances with other players, viciously kill them and take their belongings, or run from it all! It's up to you how you interact with your fellow players.
  • Play With Friends – GRAV is all about enjoying the experience with your friends. GRAV is client-server based so put up a server or join an official one!
  • Powerful Base Construction – Supporting a modular contextual room based construction system allows for building bases quickly. GRAV's building system can be used for creating an entire city, a quick base to fight off enemy players, or building an outpost deep in a dungeon to defend against the aggressive hordes.
  • Extensive Crafting – Anything you can harvest or kill has a chance to drop Crafting Materials. Building everything from the armor you wear, weapons you kill with, to the actual bases themselves comes from crafting.
  • Dynamic Environmental Events – GRAV employs a procedural system to create world events for players. A night could consist of blossoming night flowers, meteors raining down from the heavens, or even a horde of very angry alien wildlife trying to kill you and anything you have ever made.
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons – The planets of GRAV are full of dungeons that are created specifically for that planet. Full of rare resources, dangerous foes, and environmental obstacles that provide a high-risk high-reward play area.
  • Hostile Environments – Alien planets have a combination of semi safe areas and just plain you-are-probably-going to die locations! The planets of GRAV are places where you must do whatever it takes to survive.
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We just want to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday and New Years!

We hope that you will be with friends and or loved ones and relaxing this Holiday Season. 2014 was a great year and we hope 2015 is even a better year!

For better or worse we will still be here come 2015 and years to come!