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So most of you if things went well should of not noticed anything really new. But for the past 2 days I been revamping Stone Legion and even Godcraft's old forums and the Minecraft servers. We installed 2 new VM's for Websites and Game Servers. From there we moved the forums, Teamspeak, and even our Minecraft servers to the new VM's.

On top of all this we switched from Apache to Nginx. This should increase the speed of loading pages and navigating 10 fold and this is all thanks to our new Deployments and tweaks to the VM's and also Nginx.

Build Server and Creative server had their dynmaps pruned for the move. We will most likely regenerated down the road when we can build our own tweak webserver rather then using the build in version later on. Also Build Server Block Logs has been backed up but also pruned for the move. They were over 3 Gigs and for a inactive server there is really no need to keep them anymore.

As you might know at this time there is going to be no Build, Creative Server updates for a very long time. The future of 1.8 in Bukkit, Spigot had officially come to an end. Though we have some light down the tunnel as forge was to try to help fill in this gap in the future.

Coming Soon:
Minecraft Unleashed 2.0!
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New Trailer:

Our Stardale Kickstarter is now live! You can pledge and support us and preorder your copy of Stardale through our Kickstarter page and take advantage of the amazing rewards we're giving for the next 30 days! Rewards are pretty epic and range from naming in-game items, beta/alpha access, naming mobs, and even a leather bound book of Stardale artwork and select dev logs. In addition, every reward level gets a unique epic forum badge to give you distinction for your support! All rewards will be synced with our website allowing supporters to bind their reward level to their account and this will become available 14 days after the Kickstarter ends (that's when they give us the info).

I hope you'll support us and help us reach our goal. Remember that if we don't reach our goal of $15,000.00 then we receive zero funds from this Kickstarter; which means Stardale will take a lot longer to develop and it will take a lot longer for you to join in on an epic fun sci-fi space/adventure/creative exploration/building game! If you have any questions, comments, or any feedback at all please feel free to post and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!​
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"Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft"

No big deal. Minecraft had some really good years. Now with this legal crap for Bukkit / Spigot we would not see any kind of build server update due to the lack plugins updates I doubt there will be much of a future for Minecraft in our lives.

But don't give up. There is so many wonderful games out there now and coming in the future. I think we are more of a family and a pretty decent sandbox / open world gaming community that I think we should consider keeping on that path.

So if you have suggestions or games that might be coming in the future that might be worth keeping our eyes on it then please do share.

I think the biggest ones will be:
Space Engineers
7 Ways to Die
GTA 5 (If PC Users can run their own servers there is so much that will happen here)
No Mans Skies
Scam Citizen
Elite Dangerous (When there is more then just flying)

And many many more to keep our eyes on!

Big runner up for a more Sandbox creative game for Minecraft to create some amazing stuff would be Blockscape. Amazing developer I think be worth checking it out now that its on steam. Might have a good future and 100x better looking Minecraft like game for people who are more into building.
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Kane's Let's Play Series:
I also sometimes stream via Twitch:

This has to be one of the most fun Building / RTS Like game I found in the longest time. Reminds me of old school RTS Games with all the building and a mix of Minecraft automation more like on our first Industrial Server where we had massive factories.

Please note the demo is worth checking out though it does not show you the big picture in the end. But teaches you the basics. There is 100's of more features and unlimited sized worlds to explore and conquer.


Give the Demo a try it has 3 levels. As far as I know the full game has unlimited procedural generated world to explore.

Here is some really good thing I found that shows you more advance game play but also very helpful.
Train Signal Tutorial
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Bukkit & Spigot has been DMCA'd and as Cauldron uses Spigot/Bukkit might as well call it DMCA'd as well.

From what I gathered this is up and down information but Mojang acquired bukkit ages ago. The thing is that Bukkit is not an Organization, Group, Company, Etc. I think it ran on a basic licensing and therefore could not be legally sold to Mojang.

Long Story short Wolverness has filed a DMCA against Bukkit and Spigot due to his contribution and feeling violated that his work was being stolen.

At this point it is to early to tell if Server owners will ever be targeted. I assume at this time it will only be Bukkit/Spigot/Cauldron but in the future Server owners might also be harassed with a DMCA as well.

So there you have it... Wolverness is not to be blamed though I miss more old school modding where no one really owns anything but to be fair this is not any kind of basic modding as well. This is years and years of work and sweat put into this stuff just to provide the plugin/modding framework that we have expected to be the norm.

From: Wesley Wolfe <email redacted>
Date: 3 September 2014 03:48
Subject: [SL] [abuse-google] Copyright

My name is Wesley Wolfe. A site hosted on an IP address owned by Multiplay
(ip redacted) is infringing on my software copyright by the distribution
of a software known as CraftBukkit.

Original content can be found at

and the appropriate license for previously mentioned content can be found at

The provided license requires the use of included or linking code to
provide the original source under the GNU GPL license version 3, or any
later version. An official notice has been sent to Mojang AB, whereas the
Chief Operating Officer, Vu Bui, responded with the clear text:

Mojang has not authorized the inclusion of any of its proprietary
Minecraft software (including its Minecraft Server software) within the
Bukkit project to be included in or made subject to any GPL or LGPL
license, or indeed any other open source license

As the Minecraft Server software is included in CraftBukkit, and the
original code has not been provided or its use authorized, this is a
violation of my copyright. I have a good faith belief the distribution of
CraftBukkit includes content of which the distribution is not authorized by
the copyright owner, it's agent, or the law.

Pages including infringing content: - links to: - links to 45 pages, with
infringing content beginning on craftbukkit build #1597 and currently
ending at craftbukkit build #3115, but please allow me not to enumerate
them all (the
first infringing build)

I have a good faith belief that the above information is accurate and that
I am the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's

Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 512(c)), the
above mentioned pages need to be expeditiously removed or access-of

Electronically Signed:

Wesley Wolfe
address redacted

email redacted
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So we decided to create a Gaming House or for lame sake a Gaming Apartment.

Ideas we have so far:
  • 3 Guys...........................
  • Camera in the Kitchen to watch Kane Burn the house down...........
  • 24/7 Streaming
  • 3 Cameras on each PC
  • 1 Camera over looking the gaming room
  • MMORPG's, RPG's, Indie Games, Anything and everything!
  • Nightbot for epic trolling!
  • Events like going shopping and live streaming!
  • Console Gaming (PS3) Maybe others at a later date.
So you guys tell us if you have suggestions or ideas. We like to make this a really serious thing and take it to the ultimate level.


We also will be taking it to the next level and trying to run our own RTMP Server where we can have even people in our community being able to connect and live stream remotely and be part of our lan party from far away like you were there with us! Will have more information on this down the road.
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New Systems

Patch 2.1 offers multiple new systems: Seasons, Greater Rifts, and Leaderboards. Click the banners below to get more detailed information!





This Patch brings many new items with it, mostly related to the new Systems - Seasons and Greater Rifts - but also some pieces available in the old game modes. Many existing Legendary items have also been changed, Kudos to Bagstone who has been collecting information on those. Hit either of the banners below to find out more.





There are also many balancing changes coming with Patch 2.1. Some of them are general combat changes which affect all classes but of course, every class gets some of its skills and runes changed, too. Read up on the most important changes to your favorite class by clicking the banner below!









2.1 also brings multiple minor changes, among them two new Zones, adjustments to Nephalem Rifts and the UI. Learn more by clicking the banner.


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Welcome to Stone Legion's Faction Based Light PvP Pitch Black Server. Before considering to play with us you must have an Active VIP Membership To Join us. After that just post your Steam Profile here and will add you to the group.

What is the point of this server?
  • To have fun and to enjoy Space Engineers.
  • To add some basic mod support and try out some the unique mods on the Internet.
  • To change the entire starting of the game with a safe starting station.
  • To add light PvP into the game.
World Map:

Server Rules:
  • No PvP In The Green Safezone Ever! Permission or not we don't want accidents.
  • No Snipping into or from the PvP/PvE Zone!
  • No Spawning in a Spawn Ship. You may only spawn at Spawn Station or a Cloning Facility you and your friends have made.
  • No Looting, No Stealing, No hacking, No Drilling, No Grinding down other players ships. Mostly just ship to ship combat and tiny pee shooter vs ship is fine if you have the balls.
Restrictions / Caps:
  • 2 Refineries
  • 2 Assemblers
  • 9 Small Drills
  • 4 Welders
  • 4 Grinders
Why the Restrictions and Caps?
The idea here is to prolong the game by adding Roleplaying rules to the game. This makes the game last longer and our hope is to have a stable server that does not end up lasting weeks but months! If you feel like someone might be abusing or could abuse something then let us know and we can add restrictions to it. It's sad we need to add them in the first place but some people have no self control.

Basic World Settings:
  • Survival
  • Inventory Size x10
  • Assembler Efficiency x3
  • Refinery Speed x3
  • Welding Speed x5
  • Grinding Speed x5
  • Max Objects 1024
  • Asteroid Count 4 (We add new ones overtime)
  • Weapons Enabled
  • Show Player Names Disabled
  • Thruster Damaged Enabled

Installed Mods:

To Connect to the server faster create a Desktop Shortcut. Right click Desktop and go to New > Shortcut and copy/paste the code below exactly.
With the new small asteroids we will keep spawning new ones when there is less then 25% of all the asteroids left. This will make it a bit more of a challenge and also a need to completely wipe out asteroids :)

Massive Side effect to all this is per Asteroid saving has gone from about 15 Seconds to 1.5 Second each.
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Release Date:
Warlords Release Date is November 13.
by Kane Hart at 6:35 PM
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Release Date:
Warlords Release Date is November 13.