New Profile Posts

  1. StanislawDK
    Thaumic energistics really grinds my gear -.-
  2. vvenaya
    “God's Final Message to His Creation: 'We apologize for the inconvenience.”
  3. vvenaya
    According to Kane i am never online, as such i will make it so. Farewell, thanks for the fun given, and have a wonderfull life
  4. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart vvenaya
    I said for the minute not forever :P
  5. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart Togy
    So you really really done? Should I clean up your lots?
  6. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Private server is back online after who knows what.
  7. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Big Update on Private! Server might be down for 30min or so!
  8. Milhouz
    Bored at work...then I have to move furniture again tonight since we got new carpet...
  9. dmanfan100
    I'm currently in a Thaumcraft addiction.
  10. Satoru22
    Satoru22 Kane Hart
    How often do you update the mods?
  11. PatWASD
    Mining for Iron.
  12. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart Togy
    You going to play Modded?
    1. Togy
      I don't know, I'm in one of my downer phases at the moment so maybe but probably not stright away
      Apr 30, 2015
    2. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      So the last server ever you quit on :( I don't see you ever in Space Engineers server also :(
      Apr 30, 2015
  13. Togy
    Togy Kane Hart
    1. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      Shit 18% more babies that means more fucking my friend!
      Apr 28, 2015
  14. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Pulling an all-nighter to correct my sleep.
  15. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart andyipod1437
    Are you still actively playing on the Adventures server?
  16. slushpies
    Cry me a Riven
    1. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      Riven was a good game... Little old now though.
      Apr 20, 2015
  17. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Going to Barrie, Will be in and out of contact for a few days Maybe.
  18. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    I'm looking forward to our 1.8 Server. Also GTA5 in 5 days!
  19. the_grumbles
    Gonna finally update my profile after lurking for a year >.>
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  20. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart StanislawDK
    What you been up to? You interested in Vanilla Minecraft? I bet you love the complexity of Bytecart.
    1. StanislawDK
      i have been busy with my study and haven't been taking the time for MC, right now, im not interested..
      but if its vanilla i'll be happy to work on something
      Apr 7, 2015