All The Mods Expert Client Addons & Configs! Update 1.4

All The Mods Expert Client Addons & Configs

  1. Kane Hart
    This addon pack is just general tweaks and additions that are not required but recommended for your own personal enjoyment.

    This Pack Requires The Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Mod Pack!

    Mods Included:

    • Armor Status Effect Hud - Adds armor/item holding visual gui icons.
    • Better Achievements - Better interface for Achievements.
    • bskrs Core - Needed for Armor, Status Effect Huds.
    • Ding - Plays a Ding when the client fully loads
    • In Game Info XML - Shows information like biome, weather, time, etc.
    • Lunatrius Core - Needed for In Game Info XML.
    • Neat - Adds visual health bar to mobs.
    • OptiFine - Helps client performance and adds dynamic lights.
    • Potion Icons - Remove Vanilla Potion Effect Icons From Top Right.
    • Status Effect HUD - This is a better version of Vanilla Potion icons.