All The Mods Expert Client Addons & Configs! Update 1.4

All The Mods Expert Client Addons & Configs

  1. Newest Update!

    Kane Hart
    Make sure you delete your old Optifine Mod!
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  2. Update 1.3 Included Option.txt to disable vsync due to a major bug with forge.

    Kane Hart
    Sadly there is a bug with Optifine / Forge that causes the client to stall at load with vsync on in the options.txt so we went ahead and disabled it for you. Sadly if you keep replacing this file with yours during an update you will lose some basic option settings you had set.

    This a temp solution for now.
  3. Update 1.2 - Removed old data from Expert book.

    Kane Hart
    • Removed /commands from the book as we disabled them.
  4. Update 1.1!

    Kane Hart
    • More Jmap Tweaks.
    • Removed ftbu from jmap (massive fps boost)
    • Added servers.dat and updated it
    • Disabled launch gui!