FTB Infinity Evolved Client Addons & Configs! 2.4.2v2

FTB Infinity Evolved Client Addons & Configs!

  1. Kane Hart
    This addon pack is just general tweaks and additions that are not required but recommended for your own personal enjoyment.

    This Pack Requires The Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Mod Pack!

    • bUpload
    • tabbychat
    • inGameInfoXML
    • LunatriusCore
    • ArmorStatusHud
    • StatusEffectHUD
    • bspkrsCore
    • Optifine
    • Fullscreen Windowed
    • tcinventoryscan
    • Neat

    Config Changes:
    • Journeymap - Changes a ton of things to make it more simple and clean.
    • Waila - Brings back proper scaling and background.
    • GraviSuit - Changes status info location on GUI.
    • Forestry - Adds a few missing ores to backpacks.
    • Simply Jetpack - GUI Location bottom left.

Recent Updates

  1. 2.4.2v2
  2. 2.4.1v1 Update
  3. 2.1.3.v2 Update!