GT New Horizons Public Server Client Addons (Optional) 0.6

GT New Horizons Public Server Client Addons

  1. Kane Hart
    This is an optional client addon that we find that makes GT New Horizons a little more enjoyable but nothing that makes it cheap in anyway.

    How to Install:
    Hit Windows + R Key and type: %appdata%\.technic\modpacks\mcnewhorizons then hit enter.
    Just extract the zip you downloaded and override any files that might ask to be overwritten and enjoy!

    New Client Mods:
    • ArmorStatusHUD - Adds a Armor Hud (Example)
    • StatusEffectHUD - Adds a Status Effects Hud (Example)
    • BetterAchievements - Better Looking Achivements Screen (Example)
    • Ding - Makes a ding sound when the client has fully loaded.
    • InGameInfoXML - Adds some basic info on the screen (Example)
    • Neat - Adds Name / Health Bar Above NPC's (Example)
    • OptiFine - Adds tons of display options and performance enchancements.
    • TabbyChat - Adds a lot of chat configurability (Example)
    • FTBUtilities - Allows you to protect your property!
    • bUpload - Hit F2 to take screenshots and have them sent to imgur
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Recent Updates

  1. Removed GT New Horizons Mod
  2. Added core mod
  3. Added some guides.

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