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Discussion in 'News' started by Chris, Aug 24, 2013.

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    *This was originally posted in Dev Blog last week prior to be moving to front page*

    First blog post by me, yay!

    Last year, before I learned that XNA was being nerfed by Microsoft :'( I began developing a 2d top down multiplayer game (XNA is also what Terarria was created in). With this previous solo project, I went as far as creating a game client with collision detection, sprite animation, playable maps, in addition to an actual map maker and a back end server. Unfortunately I then learned that XNA was not going to be continued with Windows 8, Windows Mobile, and Xbox. At that point I gave up on the game since it was still early in development, if the framework wasn't going to be supported then I would not continue to develop for a dead framework. After that, real life got busy and my game dev days were put on hold - until now.

    Not all was lost with my previous project. Although the client was built with XNA, the server was created with C# and .NET framework which continues to stay strong. And with that said, I am now able to reuse parts of the server I created previously into our current unnamed project. Last night we were able to make a basic unity application that used TCPClient to connect with our server and send messages back and forth. Although this sounds very basic, there is still some work required to have this sort of communication, and it will form the basis of future development of client server communication in our game. Likewise, the server I previously created was in its infant stages and very basic, only capable of handling multiple connections and relaying player movement co-ordinates.

    Anyway, we're continuing to develop and it's exciting times. Our game that we're developing is in its very early stages. We've selected Unity as the game engine since it is easily supported on multiple platforms, coded in C#.

    In terms of game play ideas, we want to make a very interactive multiplayer game. More details will emerg as we move further into development, but our game will have a player driven world, a very interactive and in-depth player market economy, large and small factions, trades, skills, all the good stuff mmorpg's include, and more. The game will obviously have its own unique features to separate it from everything else, and these will be revealed as we develop.

    Anyway, thank you for reading, I will continue to post news, progress, and anything else that comes up relating to this game. For anyone interested, we welcome you to follow and be a part of our project as we move forward from here.
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