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    Name: Alexander and Peter
    Minecraft Username: Doublenum and Sounas
    Location: NY and NL
    Where did you hear about Stone Legion?: Sounas
    Why do you want to join our MC server?: Cuz I luv Cobbel
    Are you going to join our TeamSpeak server?: I refuse
    Interests: hoes and Bitches
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    Only 1 account per username. Doublenum is added.

    Welcome to Stone Legion's MC servers!

    If you haven't already, read the server rules, so you don't get into trouble.

    To make others recognize you easier, give yourself a forum avatar.

    If you have any questions then join our TeamSpeak server and ask us or post in the Support & Suggestions forum.

    The server IPs and any additional info can be found here.

    If you enjoy your experience on our server, then please help us continue to run it by subscribing to VIP or donating.

    We hope to see you on our servers!

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