GregTech ModPack: GT New Horizons 2.0 - Public Server!

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    Pack Name: GT New Horizons
    Server IP:
    Server Status: Server Online
    Pack Download: Technic Platform (search for 'GT New Horizons')
    Pack Version:
    Amazon Server Wishlist:

    Our Client Addon Pack (Recommended)
    (From Discord) - Last Updated 09/26/2017 - Version 5


    What kind of pack is this?
    Infinity Expert (But More Hardcore) with GregTech And a lot more progression and depth than Infinity Expert with a Questing Book like HQM that you can follow and learn a lot how the pack works and also enjoy the rewards from. The Questing system is not required but is fun to do and recommended highly. Both the pack creators and we will be adding content to it overtime including special events. We also have done some special tweaks ourselves in this pack and most them noted at the end of this post.

    How do I get whitelisted?

    More Information:

    What Makes our GT New Horizons Special?

    • There aren't many GT New Horizons servers so right off the bat this is a more of a Unique Modpack that we feel that we can offer a very long term server to players. We have almost 7 years of Minecraft Server Hosting Experience and another 15+ years in General Gaming / Server Hosting.
    • Almost all of our players that are Interested in this pack will be new and have very little knowledge about GregTech 5 let alone this modpack and it makes for a really great experience learning the pack and enjoying this pack for the first time.
    • We have removed Rogue Dungeons and modified the village loot to be more useful early game. We felt Rogue dungeons was a very cool and neat concept but was just very messy in the end and to be actually decent at it you end up exploiting it just to get through them.
    • Since this server has no whitelist we HIGHLY recommend that you use FTBUtilities (included in the addon pack) to claim your land. We also recommend placing some kind of border around your properly.
    • We have a world border at 4,000 blocks out (the overworld is 8,000 x 8,000). Don't go past it and don't create a nether portal in the nether past 480 blocks from 0,0.
    • Spawn protection is 200 blocks out from 0,0 so you won't be able to break/place blocks there.
    • Only the overworld is safe from being wiped. If we need to, we will wipe the other worlds.

    Remember nothing is ever set in stone. We have forums here for a reason. If you ever have suggestions or concerns then just let us know and will see what we can do for you and the community.

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    I think I will join you guy for a bit, it been a bloody long time since I have played any Minecraft.
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    umm need some Help, [​IMG][​IMG]

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