How To Apply for Stone Legion Minecraft Servers (All)

Discussion in 'Minecraft Whitelist Applications!' started by Kane Hart, Dec 4, 2016.

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    So you want to join our GT New Horizons Public Server or All the Mods Expert Server? Great!

    Just (read the server rules), create an application by copying the template below and creating a new thread in this forum with it. Fill it out and wait for a administrator / Moderator to approve it and whitelist you.

    We are not very strict we just ask you to just read the rules and fill out the application to the best of your ability.

    Please note this will give you access to all / future Stone Legion Minecraft Servers!

    Minecraft Name:
    What Server Are you applying for first?:
    Where did you hear about This Server?:
    Why would you like to join our server?:
    Are you on our (Discord Server) If so what is your name?:
    Have you been banned before? What have you learned from the experience if so?:

    We will not reject applications on past bans on Stone Legion or Other Sites. We understand we are just human and make stupid choices in life.

    Please do not message mods about accepting your application.
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