Minecraft - Modded Server Launch Tonight! New Minecraft Info Page!

Discussion in 'News' started by Kane Hart, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Kane Hart

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    Aug 3, 2013
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    Launch Tonight!
    Thanks to you guys and girls for testing and Big thanks to Chris on helping us get our VIP system on the site and including a new Minecraft Info page. We are pretty much set and are planning on launching at 9PM EST tonight. Just check my under my name in this post to see my current local time for a better countdown! Any Last minute issues or concerns or even just helping juggle some ideas to make sure things launch smooth would be great!

    New Minecraft Info Page: http://stonelegion.com/minecraft.html
    This was the biggest edition to our pile of work tonight, thanks to Chris's wonderful programming skills and taking the time out of our game we are making, to help bring a nice all in one Minecraft info page. Please note that we need a lot more meat and potatoes, but we really wanted to offer the community especially new players something that really speaks to them from start to finish in the most cleanest layout possible. We love to hear your suggestions and ideas in this thread, so we can try to fit most of the content into this single mini site rather then having 100's of tabs and fill the site with more clutter and confusion. I added it to our progression bar below and consider it at 75%. Very usable but lots of room for improvement.

    Thanks to Agility for being our first and only subscriber for our first day of launch of the new service. Thanks to him we were able to fix a couple of bugs that hopefully will solve any issues for anyone else in the future. Please note that during the launch of the server tonight we might not have time to fix any last minute VIP Subscriptions and might delay their activation. So please Subscribe as soon as possible.

    Minecraft Info page: [progress='green']75[/progress]
    Server Testing: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
    Finalize Mods: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
    VIP System: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
    Build Client with McUpdater: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
    Build Server: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
    Client Testing: [progress='limegreen']100[/progress]
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  2. Agility_

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    Aug 19, 2013
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    Sounds great thanks Chris & Kane!
  3. Keirhan

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    Aug 27, 2013
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    I like the new minecraft page system, it has a very nice clean layout thats not just full of crap for the sake of it. It does feel like a block of text though so i might suggest making it double spaced? you know get the whole appealing to those who have dyslexia and all that. other than that its kinda cool.
    The only real thing I'd like to suggest is a beginners wiki for the modded server. explaining machines and mods and such. i know they have forums and stuff but a number of the mods you have installed interfere with other mods which adds some cool stuf but also make certain recipies harder to achieve.
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