Mining With Ethereum! Bring Back Our Servers By Mining!

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    So let's get down to the point. We can't pay for our servers anymore right? Well Let's instead use our CPU/GPU's when were not using them for Mining. Will use 1 community shared wallet and the money will be used not to rent but buy hardware so we don't have to worry for costs in the long term.

    So let's get started!

    • Download - NiceHash:
    • Extract Folder and Open / Run: NiceHashMiner.exe
    • Add the following bitcoin address: 12cRFyCMV51KgFFXxeL533ndN6qSoMLtvf
    • Run the Benchmark - You must do this for it to test your systems abilities.
    • Run the Miner after and your done. Run it whenever you want.

    Video Guide:

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