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    Pack Name: SevTech Ages
    Server IP:
    Server Status: OFFLINE (shutdown on 09/20/2018 due to inactivity)
    Pack Download: Curse/Twitch App or ATLauncher
    Pack Version: 3.0.8 (06/08/2018)

    Server launch date: Apr 15, 2018

    Please use #mc-sevtech Discord channel or this post for any SevTech discussion.


    This is a hard pack that relies on the user progressing through it to get higher tech items/blocks/abilities.
    It has 2 map mods which need to be unlocked. It also has Waila which is unlockable.
    If you can't try things for yourself, READ the advancements, look through NEI and mod wikis, then this pack is not for you.

    Server rules:

    - Be respectful and don’t annoy players and always use common sense.
    - Cheating/stealing/griefing/exploiting is NOT allowed.
    - You are responsible for protecting your own land (use FTBUtils). Please note if you're inactive for over 30 days, your land claim might be declared an abandoned property and/or regenerated.
    - Build and gather resources in a respectful manner (no random pillars, holes, traps, don't drain water without filling missing blocks in, etc.)
    - Don't be a douche that kills multiple of the same boss (especially in Twilight Forest) (if you don't need to) so others have to travel significantly farther.
    - Don’t lag the server or other players. This includes making anything that might cause server performance issues in mods like crazy automation. Make sure your builds are auto-off by default and have overflow control/voiding.
    - If you have any issues with a certain player or need to talk to a moderator, then please jump onto our Discord Server or PM (private message) a moderator (green in chat) on the forums.


    - This is our 1st time running/playing this pack and it is a very young pack, it changes A LOT of things, and things can break. We might have to wipe the server (if we can't fix issues).
    - This pack requires 6-8GB of RAM (so your computer has to have 8GB+).
    - You might be able to run it with 4-5GB if you disable Smooth Font mod.
    - If you still get low FPS/stutter, then try disabling Better Foliage mod and Mo'bends mod.
    - Only the Overworld is "safe" (chunks can be claimed and we will try to not regen/wipe it).
    - Please note that there is no refunds due to bugs, glitches, etc. As much as we try to make a great server we can't track what people have/had and it's just not fair to others and the staff.
    - We do NOT allow teleporting commands, so if you want to start out with your friends then don't use the RTP pads.
    - Please do not completely block any portals (including in your base). Leave at least 1 block around it so players can go back into the other world.
    - Make sure to check up on your Nutrition (carrot button in inv). Low and high levels can cause debuffs and buffs.
    - Water is only infinite in rivers and oceans. Please don't drain other areas without cleaning it up.
    - If making bridges over water/land, then leave at least 3 air blocks in height for boats/horses/etc.
    - If blocks (such as small stones) don't instabreak, do NOT break them. This pack hides/obscures/disguises things. Those rocks are really useful later on.

    Current bugs:

    - None major ones, but this is a big pack so getting everything to work right is really hard.
    - Other bugs can be reported to a moderator/admin (green coloured name in chat or in Discord) and/or to SevTech's Github issues -

    Disabled items (on our server):

    - Tinker's slime sling (causes significant chunk load lag)
    - Together Forever (team advancement sharing) (our experience with teams on our servers is that most of them rush through packs, cause drama along the way and annoy folks so we’re disabling this feature on this server)

    Our server setup:

    - The server will be PvE only so no PvP/chaos.
    - The overworld, nether, the end, twilight forest, the betweenlands, and the beneath are pre-generated (8,000 x 8,000) and there is a world border.
    - There are 4 teleporters from spawn with each taking you to one of the quadrants of the map. From there you can choose to walk out or use the local RTP pad.
    - Difficulty changed from 1 (Easy) to 3 (Hard)

    FTB Utilities protection (land claim):

    - This is NOT 100% protection!
    - the FTB "Members/Friends" list is a "I trust this person with ALL OF MY STUFF" list. Be cautious who you add as a member.
    - Vanilla pressure plates can be activated by anyone,
    - Signs can be edited,
    - Crafting tables can be accessed...
    - There are other items/blocks that also have issues so we HEAVILY recommend enclosing your important machines/chests/animals/etc. in solid blocks.

    To claim land we recommend (not needed, but easier chunk claiming and visualization) adding the FTB Utils mod (requires FTBLib as well) to your client.
    -To claim with it, open up your inv, click on the 3 people icon, and create/join a team (your teammates will have access to ALL OF YOUR STUFF), then go back to you inv, click on the tiny map and click a chunk to claim.
    -To claim without it, first create/join a team (your teammates will have access to ALL OF YOUR STUFF), by typing "/ftb team create/join TEAMNAME". Then type "/ftb chunks claim".

    All players can claim 4 chunks (each chunk is 16x16) in the Overworld (no claiming in other worlds). VIP members are able to claim 81 chunks.
    You will receive notification in the center above your health/armour when entering or leaving protected areas.

    Additional mods:

    We highly recommend adding FTBUtils version (requires FTBlibs version to be able to claim land and see owners easily.
    Adding Chat Tweaks will give you a timestamp, tabs, and a bit more.
    Adding Ding will play a sound when the client is done loading.
    Adding Potion Icon Remover will not show potion icons in normal view (still visible in your inv).
    Adding Dynamic Surroundings and Hardcore Darkness will add some more ambiance.

    Here's a zip with recommended configs for the aforementioned mods.

    VIP/Donator info:

    Unlike a LOT of other server we don’t have OP kits or ask you to vote for diamonds. We do own our servers (purchased at Kane’s expense and very little paid back) as well as a monthly high speed internet connection and increased power bill. If you like our server and are able to help out financially, then we are quite grateful. We do offer a monthly subscriber package as well as a few one-time packs ( Any items/perks will be given out within 24 hours of PM’ing @Kane Hart#6924 on our Discord server (please give him your IGN as well as the package/item you purchased) if not sooner. Thank you.

    Let’s play!
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