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    So I just moved with my Girlfriend to a place called Manitouwadge, Ontario. This is about 1,000 KM North of where we use to live and mostly have ever lived. The winter season is almost 2 months longer and we live in a town of 2,000 People.

    Why did we move?
    For a few reasons but the biggest reason was because my Girlfriend has a Disability called Fibromyalgia. She is on a program that sucks a lot called ODSP or Ontario Disability Support Program. For people with permanent disabilities it offers them a few perks for people who can't work. That being said you really can't live off these perks. One the rules is it only covers Ontario and I was living in Quebec. If she had moved in with me there she would of lost her ODSP and this also her pill coverage that is many thousands of dollars a year. So we decided to move!

    The second reason for the move was because we both loved the North / Cottage Country. I spent most my childhood up north and always wanted to go back when I got older. So I thought lets do it and so here we are!

    I love small towns and people. I sadly suffer from anxiety. I love small towns and I love older people a lot as well. It just seem like a great place for us...

    Cost of living?
    Oddly enough cost of living is not a lot. I have to pay less then $2,000 a year for property tax and a lot of other places I was living in was more like 4k-6k... Food in a lot of areas are the same price even sometimes cheaper like Pepsi Max lol. Other foods we can order from Amazon and Walmart directly and it's free delivery so not an issue. Pretty much the biggest issue is when my mother needs me and I have to drive 1,000 KM or Gas but because it's a small town and everything is in arms reach I actually don't spend much on Gas per month. The house here was also a lot cheaper then the market where we were living before. Overall it was worth it a lot and I'm 100% happy with my choices.

    We have High speed Internet. Right now it's on the frits the Microwave Links are over saturated but this spring Shaw said they will be upgrading them to prevent the over saturation. We have a reseller ISP as well giving us better price and higher speeds then Shaw. 15Mbps/1.5/150 gigs a month vs 30Mbps/5/unlimited. We can't be happier with that choice once the Internet is fixed. Right now we don't even get 0.5/0.5 speeds a lot of times with 500-2000ms ping and quite a bit of packet loss and even the cable modem tends to randomly die at times.

    We are going to keep going on with our videos though right now I can't play any online games due to the Internet issues. I'm going try to play some Single Player games and try recording in the very near future. Overtime once we get Internet back at full speed I'm going be looking into playing World of Warcraft with the pending Expansion release in a couple of months!

    The game servers are hosted not on my property but my mothers on decent Internet and 3 Boxes. Though I wanted add a 4th maybe 5th box I had missed out due to my items arriving late from the move before I had to visit my mother. But Electro is working on future packs for our servers and we thank everyone who keeps donating help pay for both the Internet / Power costs of those boxes. Sadly not enough to pay for the costs of the Boxes but we still happy to run them now we own them.

    We have our own PO Box now:
    Mailing Address:
    Kane Hart
    PO BOX 634
    Manitouwadge ON P0T 2C0

    I thank everyone for their support and we hope to have a awesome summer!


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