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    Minecraft Name: RubTheTumTum
    What Server Are you applying for first?: GT New Horizons
    Country: Canada
    Where did you hear about This Server?: Google (searched for GT New Horizons servers)
    Why would you like to join our server?: interested in greg tech but computer specs limited and make it tough to play single player
    Are you on our (Discord Server) If so what is your name?: by the time this is read i will be and on discord my name is RubTheTumTum (normally set to appear offline)
    Have you been banned before? What have you learned from the experience if so?: i have not been banned before though i have had warning for spamming mainly due to a bad habbit of hitting enter too often when typing. i am currently still working to solve this problem but habbits are hard to break.
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    Thanks for your application.

    You have been approved to play on our Minecraft Servers!

    Current Minecraft Servers:

    It is Highly Recommended you join our Discord Server for help/info. You don't need to use Discord for voice chat 99% of people use it for pure text chatting.


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