Adventures Server Rules

May 1, 2015
Adventures Server Rules
  • Welcome to the Stone Legion Adventures Server Rules. Please note that just because there might be a rule missing doesn't mean that you should not think before doing something. We created these rules to be as simple as possible yet to convey the kind of community that players can enjoy.

    • Be respectful, don’t annoy players and always use common sense.
    • Cheating/stealing/griefing/exploiting is NOT allowed.
    • Don't dupe or exploit with mods that might have compatibility/balancing issues. Privately report them to a Moderator.
    • Don't use Items/Blocks that are marked Banned. also VIP Only Items /Blocks unless you are are VIP Member.
    • Do not trespass or open anything that doesn't belong to you.
    • Build at least 400 blocks away from any other players & Spawn (0,0)! [without direct permission].
    • Player properties need to have a border (can be non-continuous) made from non-natural blocks above ground (fences recommended) with torches and signs (at intervals) indicating the owner.
    • Build and gather resources in a respectful manner (no random pillars, holes, traps, giant quarries, etc.).
    • Don’t lag the server or other players. This includes making anything that might cause server performance issues in mods like crazy automation.
    • If you need to report a bug or have an issue then please use Teamspeak or the forums and don't directly message Kane. If it's related to a dupe or an exploit you may directly approach Kane via PM on the forums but don't bug him in game.

    We encourage players to join our Teamspeak (voice chat) server even if they don’t have a microphone. This helps creates a better community as well as helps resolves any potential issues faster.
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