Adventures VIP & Banned Items

Dec 16, 2014
Adventures VIP & Banned Items
  • Welcome to the Adventures VIP & Banned Items Wiki Page. We try not to ban too many items, but rather make some of them for VIP instead. We do this to helps pay for server costs and give something to those who help keep the server going. We hope you understand and help support Stone Legion by getting VIP Membership!

    In Game you can type Banned or VIP in NEI Search to see all VIP and Banned items/blocks as everything is not always updated here or 100% Listed.

    Remember there is 100's of mods and we are only disabling a few!

    VIP Only Mods, Items, and Blocks:
    • Computer Craft
    • Funky Locomotive
    • Logistics Pipes
    • Modular Force Field System
    • Open Computers
    • Open Turrets
    • Steves Carts
    • Anchors & Chunk Loaders
    • Projectile Damaging Weapons and Ground Explosives.
    • Miners, Quarries, Laser Drills, Builders, Fillers, Block Placers and Some Block Breakers.

    Banned Items and Blocks:
    Please note some banned items are just banned placement so you can use them in recipes if need be.
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