Age of Engineering - Ages Guide!

Nov 30, 2017
Age of Engineering - Ages Guide!
  • This is the Official Guide that is in game for Age of Engineering Ages.

    Age 0 - Stone Age:
    The first thing you might have noticed is that you can't smelt ores into ingots and you can't smelt wood logs into charcoal. You need to get a Tinker's Construct Smeltery and a Coke Oven for that respectively.

    Before you go mining though, it is recommended you make a Portal to the Mining World. The Portal needs at least 10 Portal Frames placed like a Nether Portal and activated with the Mining Multitool.

    Then the first goal is the Tinker's Construct Smeltery. As usual you need to gather Clay, Sand and Gravel to craft Grout. Using Tinker's Construct tools is recommended for that. As you can't craft a bucket to get lava to fire the smeltery you can get a one time use Clay Bucket filled with Lava. Also you don't have Gold for ingot casts, but you can use Aluminum Brass (Bauxite Ore = Aluminum). To mine Bauxite Ore you can either make a vanilla Iron pickaxe by casting a block or make an Iron Pickaxe Head by using a Clay Cast. Also by the way, the Smeltery doesn't double your ores, it only smelts them, you have to wait until you have machines.

    After that you need to build a Coke Oven. Coke Bricks need Seared Bricks and Lavawood which you get by pouring Lava over Wood Planks with the Smeltery. You need 27 blocks in a 3x3x3 cube, so 14 crafting recipes should do the trick. To form the multiblock you right click the center block with a Engineer's Hammer.

    Age 1 - Industrial Age:
    The next goal is making Steel to be able to craft Flint & Steel to get into the Nether.

    You're now ready to build your first machines from Industrialcraft 2. For that you need to find Rubber Trees and make a Forge Hammer which needs Treated Sticks made from Creosote Oil from the Coke Oven. Plates need 2 Ingots, so you should make a Metal Former pretty fast and of course a Macerator to double your Ores. The Macerator needs 8 Diamonds and the Metal Former needs 4, so you should go mining for those. Also to be able to craft the Metal Former you need a Compressor first. As a side note, the Storage Crate which is a crafting ingredient for the Metal Former is a great big chest you should consider using. Making an Extractor is also a good investment so that you use less Sticky Resin for getting Rubber.

    Early game solid power options beside the normal Generator are Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and later Semifluid Generators that can run on tier 2 Canola Oil.

    Next on the list is making the Blast Furnace. It needs heat not EU, so you need to craft an Electric Heater filled with at least one coil to convert EU to heat. The wrench is your friend when trying to connect the orange dots of the machines. The Blast Furnace also needs Universal Fluid Cells filled with Air which you can get from a Compressor. Tip: Making multiple Blast Furnaces is recommended.

    After you've got your first Steel Ingot you should be able to go to the Nether. It is not required to progress to the next age, but going to the Nether enables you to craft Blast Bricks for the Blast Furnace from Immersive Engineering. The Blast Furnace is built similar to the Coke Oven, so you need 27 blocks as well and makes Steel faster and is easier to maintain. Keep the IC2 Blast Furnace running while you're in the Nether as you need a lot of Slag to craft those Bricks.

    Age 2 - Calculation Age:
    To generate your first RF power you have three options: 1.) the Hand Cranked Generator from Calculator. You need to put a Crank Handle on it and keep right clicking to generate power. 2.) the Clockwork Engine from Forestry. Right clicking charges it up and after stopping it generates a little bit of power for a while. 3.) the Survival Generator from ExtraUtils2. It generates less power but needs no maintenance. To store power the only option is the power cube from Calculator. It only stores power and can charge items, but it doesn't output power to other blocks. Next you need to craft a Calculator and charge it in the Power Cube. Now you can also generate power with the Peat-fired Engine. You get Peat from Bog Earth which is placed next to water (within a range of 2 blocks). Also you can craft a Coal Generator from Actually Additions now.

    To progress further you need the Atomic Reconstructor from Actually Additions. Per default it's always on, you can toggle the Redstone mode by right clicking it with a Redstone Torch, then it activates its laser with a Button Press. Now you can get Restonia and Enori for example if you put Redstone (Blocks) or Iron (Blocks) respectively in front of its laser and activate it. This now opens generating, storing and using power for everything from Progressive Automation which includes automatically crafting, farming, mining and killing. Also you can now craft a lot from Immersive Engineering like the Kinetic Dynamo for Water Wheels and Wind Mills, a much better Power Storage in the Capacitors and transfering power through the wires and connectors. Solar Flux Reborn also offers cheap cables for low power needs. Speaking of Solar Flux Reborn, you can craft Solar Panels I. Another useful block is the Energizer/Enervator from Actually Additions to (dis)charge items. You can also use the Atomic Reconstructor with the Lens of the Miner as a way to mine resources. For automating you can also now use Integrated Dynamics now.

    Age 3 - Empowering Age:
    The next goal is to get the Empowerer from Actually Additions. It needs a battery from Actually Additions which itself needs a battery (Energy Module) from Calculator (For some the battery recipe doesn't work for some weird reason, charging the Energy Module with a little bit of RF fixes it though). But to get Purified Coal (a fuel with a better burn rate) you need to grow Prunae Seeds (they grow the Coal Dust you need). Those can only be planted with a Greenhouse, but only the Basic Greenhouse can be crafted at this point in time. To craft the Basic Greenhouse you need 4 kind of different nature products: 1.) Peat from Bog Earth which is placed next to water (within a range of 2 blocks) 2.) Prunae Seeds themselves which you can craft from Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Coal Coke with a Calculator 3.) Crystallized Canola Seeds which you get from lasering Canola Seeds with the Atomic Reconstructor 4.) Industrial Hemp Seeds which you can get from breaking grass. To activate the Greenhouse you have to supply it with power and the materials shown in the GUI. Now you have basic automatic farming and can grow Prunae Seeds.

    To set the Empowerer up, you also need 4 Display Stands placed on the 4 ends of the Empowerer 3 blocks away and provided with power. The blocks you get through the Atomic Reconstructor can be empowered. Be aware that those need a lot of power, a lot more than usual (the Crystal Blocks need several Million RF). You can for now make 3 out of the 6 empowered blocks: Restonia, Palis and Void Crystal; for the other 3 you need to craft the Thermal Centrifuge.

    Now you can make IC2 Advanced Circuits which enables you to make advanced tools and machines like the Mining Laser and the Thermal Centrifuge which combined with the Ore Washing Plant gives you higher output from your ores and gives you the option to build a Nuclear Reactor. Also you can make the Algorithm Separator from Calculator so that you can make a lot more machines like the Advanced Greenhouse and the Starch Extractor (40 RF/t) which generates power from fuel and Wheat. You can also upgrade the Advanced Greenhouse to the Actually Additions Farmer or the Garden Cloches. You're now also able to generate power from the 4 different kinds of Oil (max 350 RF/t) that Actually Additions adds using the Canola Press, Fermenting Barrel and Oil Generator, as well as other Actually Additions Generators like the Leaf-Eating Generator (50 RF/t), the Bio Reactor (max 256 RF/t) and the Solar Panel (8 RF/t). Mentioning Solar Panel, you can now also craft Solar Panels II. Another thing you can do is getting started with Grid Power from ExtraUtils2, using it for automating or using one of the many different generators. Another way to auto mine resources also opened up, the Vertical Digger.

    Age 4 - Farming Age:
    Also you can start Forestry now. The Sturdy Casing is needed for basically all machines and can be crafted in the Empowerer for 2 M RF. (Side note: to be able to get the achievement and trophy for ages 4-6, be sure to drop and pickup the item) With the Thermionic Fabricator you're are now able to make Multifarms. The Tubes need Redstone Ingots and Thickened Glass while the Fabricator itself needs Clear Glass from EnvironmentalTech (the easier recipe is disabled). If you want to change the farms you need Circuit Boards. For that you need Calculator Circuit Processing (the easier recipe is disabled as well). The Extraction Chamber extracts circuits with a chance of 12.5% from Dirt or Cobblestone. Later you can use the Precision Chamber for a 100% chance. Damaged Circuits get repaired in the Reassembly Chamber while Dirty Circuits get cleaned in the Restoration Chamber. The Processing Chamber can do both, but is also not available yet. Then the Circuits need to be analyzed in the Analysing Chamber which needs no power and gets you some byproducts. Some circuits may turn out stable. You can then store the analyzed Circuits in the Storage Chamber which you can craft later. The Circuits for the Circuit Boards need to be exactly the same which means same texture, analyzed and not stable. To automate those machines you can use the PA Wrench to change the color of the block sides which match the color of the slots the GUI.

    You should also start Bee and Tree Breeding as you need it later. If you are new to bee breeding reading wikis or youtube tutorials are recommended. You basically should work towards an Alveary which means Industrious and Imperial Bees. Those bees all need Normal Temperature and Humidity and only work during the day, so the perfect spot to mutate them is in the Mining Dimension which you can access from wherever you settled. Also, if you have Imperial Bees you have access to the Mutating Frames from More Bees. 3 of them guarantee a mutation for most bee species. The other two frames are for more production and are better than the normal Forestry ones. For example 3 of the Super Cooled Frames are 4 times as good as an Apiary, but you need access to Icy Bees and a healthy supply of Copper. Tree Breeding is especially nice for Seed Oil, working towards Cherry and Nut trees should be your first goal.

    Age 5 - Ender Age:
    The next tech mod is EnderIO. For the machine chassis you need the Carpenter and a lot of Seed Oil which you should easily squeeze from the seeds from your farms. Speaking of farms, with EnderIO you can now craft a Farming Station as well Spawners, better item and power transportation, the Inventory Panel which runs on Nutrient Distillation and a lot of new power options with the Stirling, Combustion and Zombie Generators.

    You can now unlock more Solar Panels, like the Solar Panel III and the Advanced Solar Panel. Also you can now craft the Heavy Engineering Block, so that you can go for BioDiesel power (4096 RF/t) or for example for the Excavator. You should also start now getting into EnvironmentalTech as both the Void Resource Miner as well the Void Ore Miner are required for future progression. The Solar Panel and the Lightning Rod are also both nice for power generation. EnvironmentalTech has an in-game manual, the Digital Guide, if you want to read more about it.

    Before you can progress, if you haven't done it already, you have to go to the End. You have no way to get a Jetpack yet as all of them need an Elytra, which is one goal for going to the End. But it is recommended to make Dark Steel Armor with a Glider attached to it, that's the closest you can get to flight. (Every recipe that needs an Elytra, you get the Elytra back on crafting, the Flight Modifier for the EnvironmentalTech Nano Beacon gives you the Jetpack back, the same is true for the Angel Ring where you get the Jetpack back)

    Age 6 - Automation Age:
    Now that you can create End Rods you can finally make RFTools Machine Frames (If the Carpenter doesn't accept Nutrient Distillation for some reason, breaking and replacing the Carpenter fixes it). This opens a lot of options, like better automation and autocrafting with RFTools Control, the Builder Quarry, Player Teleportation and Energy Teleportation (with the Power Cells and the Dimensional Transceiver), Modular Storage and much more.

    Side Note: As you should have some form of automated mining before moving to age 7, it might be worth mentioning that you should stop auto-processing Bauxite Ore if you have sufficient Aluminum as you will need Bauxite Dust in Age 10 unsmelted to be able to get Titanium.

    Age 7 - Nuclear Age:
    Now that you can create Machine Frames and the Modular Storage you can start working on replicating things with UU-Matter. You should work on getting 3 key items. 1.) Iridium Plates which you get from replicating Iridium in the Replicator. You need one Iridium first from 9 Iridium Shards in Dungeon Chests. Beside of the Replicator you need the Pattern Storage and the Scanner and for creating UU-Matter you need a Mass Fabricator and a lot of energy. To save some energy creating Scrap in a Recycler is recommended. To generate the power a Nuclear Reactor is basically required. This leads to 2.) Plutonium which you get from the Thermal Centrifuge from empty fuel rods. Depending if you want more power or more Plutonium there are different recommended Reactor Designs you can look up online. Also you should consider trying out a Fluid Reactor producing Superheated Steam for more power efficiency. Also you need 3.) Basalt which you get from cooling Pahoehoe Lava in the world by either waiting or placing Coolant beside it. Pahoehoe Lava is a side product from using Lava in a Liquid Heat Exchanger.

    With Plutonium you are now able to use Deep Resonance Crystals to make power and use Advanced Generators Steam or Gas Turbines to generate RF or EU. Note: For Advanced Generators you need Pure Certus Quartz and the only way to make it is to wait a couple of hours for them, so be sure to make them in advance. Also you should make some extras and Pure Fluix Crystals as well which you will need when you start AE2.

    With Basalt you can now go into the Deep Dark for mining more resources.

    Age 8 - Atomic Age:
    With Iridium you can now unlock the rest of Calculator. You should make an Atomic Calculator and then a Flawless Calculator. This enables you to make a more efficient Circuit Production and a Circuit Storage. Also you can now create passive power with the Conductor Mast or the Calculator Locator w/ Plugs (you need Plutonium for that). Tip: Investing in making a Diamond Sapling should pay off really fast. Unlocking End Diamonds you can now make the NeoTech Elite Solar Panel (256 RF/t) and SolarFluxReborn Solar Panel IV (128 RF/t) and V (512 RF/t). Given you gathered Mica from the EnvironmentalTech Void Resource Miner you can now also make Tier 3 EnvironmentalTech Multiblocks. You have as well now the option to build an Extreme Reactor, be aware that those need Plutonium and Graphite Electrodes.

    Age 9 - New Age:
    With Mica and End Diamonds, you can now make NeoTech machines which basically enables you to triple your ores for a lot of RF. You need these 3 machines to setup that: Electric Crucible, Centrifuge and Solidifier. With the Thermal Binder you can also make very powerful tools and armor. Now you can make the Quantum Quarry from ExtraUtils2 which has the advantage of never having to move and using Silk Touch or Fortune to it.

    Now that you can craft the Thermal Binder, you are able to start with Applied Energistics 2 as the Inscriber needs it. You should really up your Calculator Circuit production as every Processor in AE2 needs those. If you didn't make pure Crystals in advance you can spend some power to make them in the Empowerer until you have Crystal Growth Accelerators. Side note: To get the Ender Pearl Dust for Quantum Entangled Singularities, put Ender Pearls in a Macerator.

    Age 10 - Technological Age:
    The NeoTech Solidifier is capable of turning steel into TechReborn's Refined Iron. This means you can now craft a Machine Frame and start with TechReborn. TechReborn requires EU, RF support is disabled for this pack.

    The first goal should be the Industrial Grinder so that you can get additional items from grinding ores. You need a multiblock behind it, 3x3x3 in size, 18 Standard Machine Casings (3x3 on the top and bottom), 8 Reinforced Machine Casings (3x3 hollow in the middle) and a Water Source in the middle. Then you should work towards the Industrial Blast Furnace which needs a 3x3x4 multiblock of Reinforced or Advanced Machine Casings attached (Advanced Machine Casings increase temperature) behind it. Alternatively you can also use the Immersive Engineering Arc Furnace which is a lot faster. Now you can make Titanium (from Bauxite) and Chrome (from Rubies) and advance to the next age (you also need the Electrolyzer).

    Later on you also need to make Iridium Ingots. Iridium you get from Sheldonite or Platinum. For Iridium Plates you need an Implosion Compressor. It needs a 3x3x3 multiblock with Standard Machine Casings in the 8 corners and Reinforced Machine Casings in a plus shape on each side (the center is hollow) under it.

    To make Tungstensteel you need to have the Blast Furnace with a lot of Advanced Machine Casings to give the right temperature and cool the hot Tungstensteel in a Vaccum Freezer. The Vaccum Freezer needs a 3x3x3 multiblock with 6 Advanced Machine Casings (one in the center on each side) and the rest Reinforced Machine Casings (the center is hollow). Also the Vacuum Freezer needs Ice Shards from bees.

    In the late game you can make a Fusion Reactor for what you need 24 additional Fusion Coils which you place in a circle around the Fusion Reactor. Then with a lot of power to prime and Deuterium and Tritium Cells (or Helium3 Cells) you can create a lot of power and is the key to create Heliumplasma.

    Age 11 - Space Age:
    The goal of this age is to get 4 new ores you need to progress: Mercury, Tantalum, Zirconium and Cadmium.

    To get started you need to build a rocket. A rocket can be of any shape and made of any blocks. It just needs Liquid Fuel Tanks and Liquid Fuel Engines, a Guidance Computer and a Seat. The rocket needs to be placed on a square or rectangular Launch Pad and Structure Tower blocks must be placed touching one side of the Launch Pad going up and at least as high as the rocket. You also need a Rocket Assembling Machine placed on one side of the Launch Pad, but not touching it. You can scan the rocket and it tells you if you have enough tanks and engines. If yes, you can click on Build and the rocket forms. Sneak right clicking the rocket should give you the option to choose the destination in the Guidance Computer - with a Planet Id Chip in its inventory - and right clicking should put you in the seat.

    To fuel your rocket though you need a lot of multiblocks. The Holo-Projector should aid you building those. Sneak right click it to choose a multiblock and right click on the ground to show the projection of the blocks. It only shows one horizontal level at a time, to change the level sneak scroll wheel. Check JEI which multiblocks you need to create a Tank of Rocket Fuel. Hydrogen, Oxygen and Rocket Fuel are normal liquids and can be piped. To fuel your rocket you can either use a Fueling Station near the Rocket Assembling Machine linked together with the Linker or manually right click the Rocket Fuel on the Rocket.

    Before you go to space you need a full Space Suit. You can fill it with Oxygen with a Gas Charge Pad filled with Oxygen. You can also modify the suit in a Suit Workstation with a lot of modules for example a jetpack which needs also Pressure Tanks filled with Hydrogen.

    Your first destination is the moon where you can find Dilithium. Dilithium is mainly used as fuel for the Warp Core of the Space Station. A Space Station with a Warp Core is needed to travel to other planets. To build a Space Station you can reuse the Launch Pad or build another one. You just need to replace the Rocket Assembling Machine with a Space Station Assembler. The Space Station has no restrictions and can even be small and expanded later when it is in space (don't form the Warp Core multiblock on Earth). You need to put a Satellite Bay and a Space Station Id Chip in the Space Station Assembler and build it. You then need to build a rocket to deploy the Station in orbit. This unmanned rocket is similar but instead of a Guidance Computer and Seat, it needs a Satellite Bay where you put the Space Station Container in. To launch the unmanned rocket you need a Rocket Monitoring Station linked to the Rocket Assembling Machine. If you put the Station Id Chip in the Guidance Computer you can then fly to your Space Station. Btw, don't lose your Station Id Chip, you can copy it in the Satellite Builder (placed on a Power Input Plug). If you don't want to use Oxygen from your suit on your Space Station you need a closed room with a Oxygen Vent which can be filled automatically with CO2 Scrubbers containing Carbon Collection Cartridges.

    To go to other planets now you need the Warp Core Multiblock in your Space Station fueled with Dilithium Crystals. To select the destination you need a Warp Controller. Look up in JEI which planet has which ore you need. Basically the 4 ores are on 4 different planets in our solar system. You can also go to a different Solar System where every planet has all 4 ores but in much rarer quantity. As a side note: there are also 2 moons in our solar system that can fulfill the needs for Titanium if you run out of.

    Age 12 - Mechanical Age:
    After you have Zirconium you can start with Mekanism as the Steel Casing needs Stainless Steel. Mekanism has its own power system in this modpack, Joules. So you need to start with the Heat Generator to generate power and can then work towards Solar, Wind and Bio Power (which are all heavily tweaked). Later you can use the Gas-Burning Generator, the Turbine and the Fusion Reactor for more power. Key things you can achieve with Mekanism are 5x Ore Processing and the Digital Miner, a Quarry which can target blocks. Also HDPE Plastic is something you need later.

    Age 13 - Draconic Age:
    With obtaining Refined Obsidian you can start with Draconic Evolution. As you need a lot of Nether Stars an automated Witherfarm with the Mob Grinder is recommended. Then you can start making the most powerful tools and weapons in the game as well as the biggest battery and energy storage. For the big Draconium need, you might also consider making a RFTools Dimension for it which you can now unlock. The Dimension Builder is the first end game recipe and needs end game items from 8 different mods. If you're unlucky finding a Mooshroom, you may want to have a look at the Mooshroom Soul Vial recipe.

    Age 14 - Creative Age:
    Now you can start to think about getting the creative items. The first thing you can get is creative flight with the Angel Ring. The Angel Ring needs grid power, but you can upgrade it to the Wings of the Bats which is cost free flight.

    Then you can start work towards creative RF power with the Creative Capacitor Bank from EnderIO which needs a Chaotic Core for what you need to kill the Chaos Dragon, the most powerful boss in the game. You can also get creative EU power with the Quantum Generator and creative Joules power with the Creative Energy Cube from Mekanism by just exchanging those items in your crafting grid.

    Just fyi: You can put the Atomic Multiplier from Calculator to good use. It replicates items for the cost of 7 circuits and 1.5B RF. Be aware though that some items are blacklisted.

    Next on the list is creative fluids and gasses. For fluids you can craft the Creative Fluid Tank from NeoTech. Just as a side note, producing the five fluids can all be automated and make sure you use a Neotech Wrench to pick the full tanks up. And for gasses you can craft the Creative Gas Tank from Mekanism. (Note the recipe for the Creative Gas Tank is currently not shown correctly in JEI. The Gas Tanks must be filled with Clean Osmium Slurry (top), Hydrogen Chloride (left), Sodium (center), Ethylene (right) and D-T Fuel (bottom)). To set the Creative Gas Tank to a certain gas, you should use a Gauge Dropper.

    The final challenging goal is to get creative items with the Creative Vending Upgrade from Storage Drawers. It's sounds challenging, but you can use your unlimited fluids and gasses to good use to get those items. If you really managed to get the Creative Vending Upgrade, CONGRATS! You've beaten the game. (Make sure you duplicate the Creative Vending Upgrade in your Crafting Grid a couple of times or to make a drawer of Creative Vending Upgrades by inputting with pipes/hopper as those Upgrades are one-use only.)
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