Age of Engineering - Commands

Nov 29, 2017
Age of Engineering - Commands
  • These are the commands on the server that is organized by group. Please not that Supporter inherits Default, Moderators inherits Supporter, and Administrator inherits Supporters.

    Please make sure your looking at the commands for the correct server!

    Age of Engineering:

    For Claiming Land We Have a Dedicated Page:
    Age of Engineering - How To Claim Land


    • /help - (List of help topics)
    • /t, /m <name> <message> - (Sends a private message)
    • /r <message> - (Reply's to the last person who messaged you)
    • /me <message> - (emote type text for saying silly things like /me sighs.
    • /list - (shows online players)
    • /motd - (shows the current Message of the Day)
    • /seen <name> - (Shows the players current status and how long since they were on)
    • /ignore <name> - (Is someone being annoying in chat? You can ignore them)
    • /tps - (Shows the current server TPS, 20 is good)
    • /time - (Shows current world time)
    • /getpos - (Shows your current coordinates)
    • /ping - (Shows your latency between you and the server)
    • /suicide - (Kills you!)
    • /servertime - (Shows you the actual servers time)
    • The Ability to bypass the server limit when full
    • /spawn - (Takes you to spawn)
    • /home - (Teleports you to your /sethome)
    • /sethome - (Sets your home sometimes might need to use -o to override old /sethome)
    • /enderchest - (Lets you access your personal enderchest anywhere)
    • /hat


    • /mute <name> - (Mutes / Unmutes a player)
    • /kick <name> - (Kicks a player)
    • /ban <name> - (Bans a player)
    • /tempban <name> <time> - (Ban someone for specific time, example /tempban electrobot 2d 5h 30m)
    • /unban <name> - (Unbans a player)
    • /checkban <name> - (Tells you if a user is banned and why)
    • /banlist - (Shows you a list of banned players)
    • /getpos <name> - (lets you get basic location info of another player)
    • /note <name> <text> - (Allows you to create a note about a player)
    • /checknotes <name> - (Shows the users notes)
    • /invsee - (Checks the players inventory)
    • /broadcast <message> - (Broadcasts message across the server)
    • /gc - (Shows an advance server health info)
    • /tp <name> - (teleports to a player)
    • /tppos <x y z> - (Teleport to a certain coordinate)
    • /back - (lets the user teleport back to their last location they teleported from)
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