GT New Horizons - Minecraft Commands - Historical

Applied By ElectroBot: Dec 5, 2016 at 3:43 PM

GT New Horizons - Minecraft Commands
These are the commands on the server that is organized by group. Please not that Supporter inherits Default, Moderators inherits Supporter, and Administrator inherits Supporters.


  • /t, /m <name> <message> - (Sends a private message)
  • /r <message> - (Reply's to the last person who messaged you)
  • /me <message> - (emote type text for saying silly things like /me sighs.
  • /list - (shows online players)
  • /motd - (shows the current Message of the Day)
  • /seen <name> - (Shows the players current status and how long since they were on)
  • /ignore <name> - (Is someone being annoying in chat? You can ignore them)
  • /tps - (Shows the current server TPS, 20 is good)


  • /near - (Shows players distance up to 200 Meters away from you)
  • /ec - (Allows the user to open their virtual Ender Chest)
  • /home - (Allows the user to teleport back to their bed)
  • /top - (Teleports the users to the highest block above them)
  • /ptime day/night - (Lets you override [visually only, mob spawns aren't changed] the server time on your client.)
  • /pweather clear - (Lets you set the weather to clear on the client [visual only])
  • /hat - (Places the block in your hand as a hat to visually see in game)
  • /wb - (Opens a Virtual Workbench)


  • /invsee - (Checks the players inventory)
  • /mute <name> - (Mutes a player)
  • /kick <name> - (Kicks a player)
  • /ban <name> - (Bans a player)
  • /tempban <name> <time> - (Ban someone for specific time, example /tempban electrobot 2d 5h 30m)
  • /unban <name> - (Unbans a player


  • /whois <name> - (Shows players information)
  • /banip <IP> - (Bans player by their IP)
  • /unbanip <IP> - (Unbans player by their IP)
  • /broadcast <message> - (Broadcasts message across the server)
  • /gc - (Shows an advance server health info)
  • /tp <name> - (teleports to a player)
  • /back - (lets the user teleport back to their last location they teleported from)