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Applied By Kane Hart: Dec 1, 2017 at 6:27 PM

Server Hardware!
Due to us getting tired of renting hardware, we went nuts and spent a crap ton on decent costing Hardware and started our own small cluster of servers. They are hosted in 2 Locations and provide us with a lot of power though it's still considered backbone stuff and donations would help upgrade the hardware quite a bit.

The following things we would like:
  • DDR3 Ram - Any size really from 4 gig sticks to 8 gigs sticks. Each Machine has 4 slots some have 2 dim's used and others have just 1 out of the 4.
  • SSD's - This is a big one but we need more SSD's as most of them have just standard old 500 Gig to 1000 Gig hard drives that have a ton of wear and tear on them with 25,000 Hours or more.
  • Regular HDD's - These are great for backsups, world backups, etc.
  • Switches - We are using quite old switches and something a little decent can go a long way down the road,
  • Cat 6 Cable - We have some old cable but right now one of our big lines is actually running at 10/100 rather 100/1000 due to broken cable. We like to replace our main line almost 100 feet with a new one and get a few smaller 5-10 feet cables.
  • Router - Right now were using 2 routers as one of them did not provide Wifi in our house and is slowly failing and then 2nd router that provides Wifi has very limited control over it. It's so bad we must reboot the entire router to change small settings like port forwarding.

Server 1 - 8
- Remember that is 8 Physical boxes of this configuration.
HP Elite 8200 SFF
Intel Core i7 2600 - 3.40GHz
8GB DDR 3 Ram - Most are 2 Dims some are 1 Dims.
500GB - 1000GB Hard drives

You can donate 3 ways:
You can paypal donate to:
kanechart at
You can purchase something off our amazon wishlist:
You can instead send us parts to our P.O. Box:
Please note that always send it as a gift with 0 value as if we are charged customs we have to reject the package and you might get extra charges.

Mailing Address:
Kane Hart
PO BOX 99900 FH 815 520