GT New Horizons - Minecraft Rules & Guidelines - Historical

Applied By Kane Hart: May 21, 2015 at 10:15 PM

GT New Horizons - Minecraft Rules & Guidelines
This is the community Rules and Guidelines. We break it up into 2 parts. Rules and then just some basic guidelines to help you protect the server by not lagging it or even crashing it.

  • Be respectful and don’t annoy players and always use common sense..
  • Cheating/stealing/griefing/exploiting is NOT allowed.
  • Do not trespass or open anything that doesn't belong to you.
  • Build at least 200 blocks away from any other players & Spawn (0,0)! [without direct permission]. 400 In the Void / Mellinum World.
  • Build and gather resources in a respectful manner (no random pillars, holes, traps, etc.).
  • Don’t lag the server or other players. This includes making anything that might cause server performance issues in mods like crazy automation.
  • No Automated Mining of any kind. This means Quarry's, Miners, Magic Mods that auto mine and any type of block breaking etc. You must Mine By Hand.
  • No more then 3x3x1 tools while mining. Meaning no Mining the world with 5x5 or a 3x3x1. You must only Mine via 3x3x1 or less.
  • If you have any issues with a certain player or need to talk to a moderator, then please jump onto our Teamspeak server or PM (private message) a moderator on the forums.
  • When using our Teamspeak server, please use a name that very closely matches your in-game name and make sure you use push to talk.

  • Turn off your machines when you go to bed and or log off for the day. This will help reduce a lot of lag overtime.
  • Try cutting down Wires and Pipes to a minimum and use things like Ender Chests & Tanks, Tesseracts, and more.
  • Even though you should build at least 200 away from someone you should build even further away to allow them to have their breathing room and expansion. You should also ask if their okay with you living so close.