Build Server Rules

Jul 28, 2014
Build Server Rules
  • These are the basic rules for the Build Server. We ask you to read them clearly and also think outside the box to try to keep yourself out of trouble. If you have any questions or suggestions on the rules then please use our forums.

    • Be respectful and don’t annoy players and always use common sense..
    • Cheating/stealing/griefing/exploiting is NOT allowed.
    • Do not trespass or open anything that doesn't belong to you.
    • Build at least 400 blocks away from any other players & Spawn (0,0)! [without direct permission].
    • Build and gather resources in a respectful manner (no random pillars, holes, traps, etc.).
    • Don’t lag the server or other players. This Includes making anything that might cause server performance issues in mods like crazy automation.
    • If you have any issues with a certain player or need to talk to a moderator, then please jump onto our Teamspeak server or PM (private message) a moderator on the forums.
    • When using our Teamspeak server, please use a name that very closely matches your in-game name and make sure you use push to talk.
    • Automated farms in general are unacceptable on the Build Server. Exp farms are the only exception. Do not assume that your farm is okay. Always ask a mod if you are unsure.
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