Minecraft Client Setup & Help

Sep 23, 2017
Minecraft Client Setup & Help
  • This is a simple page to help you setup the client to connect to our modded server but as well as help you fix any issues you might run into.

    So once you downloaded and Installed Java you will want to download and run the client. We recommend the exe as it will make sure you have Java 8 64 bit or fire off an error letting you know. Mac and Linux users must use the .Jar version.

    When you open the client you will need to login the first time. This is simply just your Minecraft User / Password or in many cases now email / password if you upgraded your mojang account.

    Once you are in the update go ahead and click update.

    Then go up to the Gear the Top left and start changing some settings like the picture below:

    To Explain the following:

    Minimum Memory
    is not a big deal but tends to work best matching it to your Maximum Memory.
    Maximum Memory is very important. We suggestion setting this to at least 2G. 3G or 4G might give it a slight buffer for memory leaks and longer stability.
    PermGen Space is ignored and automatically adjusted in Java 8. But keep this about 256M or higher in case your using Java 7!
    Java Home Path: Make sure this Says "Program Files" and not "Program Files (x86)" If it's (x86) then this means your using 32 Bit Java and you will crash above 1.5G Memory. Also the jre.1.8..... Means your using Java 8 if it was jre or jdk it does not matter as long says 1.8 and not 1.7 in it.

    Disable Console Output for Minecraft:
    In the Settings Window just like above, Click the Minecraft Tab and Uncheck Minecraft Output to Console due to lag reasons. Because with so many mods and some of them tend to fire out errors you will end up lagging your game / PC with this enabled.

    If you run into any issues with the updater not launching correctly and everything above is correct, you can try deleting your instance folder by typing into your start menu "%appdata%" enter (without the quotations). Then just delete the .minecraft folder making sure that the updater is closed at the time.

    If you still run into issues always give your PC a reboot then go ahead and post your logs etc via Pastebin and share them with us on the support forums!

    Video Guide:
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