Server Hardware!

Apr 10, 2018
Server Hardware!
  • Due to us getting tired of renting hardware, we went nuts and spent a crap ton on decent costing Hardware and started our own small cluster of servers. They are hosted in 2 Locations and provide us with a lot of power though it's still considered backbone stuff and donations would help upgrade the hardware quite a bit.

    The following things we would like:
    • DDR3 Ram - Any size really from 4 gig sticks to 8 gigs sticks. Each Machine has 4 slots some have 2 dim's used and others have just 1 out of the 4.
    • SSD's - This is a big one but we need more SSD's as most of them have just standard old 500 Gig to 1000 Gig hard drives that have a ton of wear and tear on them with 25,000 Hours or more.
    • Regular HDD's - These are great for backsups, world backups, etc.
    • Switches - We are using quite old switches and something a little decent can go a long way down the road,
    • Cat 6 Cable - We have some old cable but right now one of our big lines is actually running at 10/100 rather 100/1000 due to broken cable. We like to replace our main line almost 100 feet with a new one and get a few smaller 5-10 feet cables.
    • Switches 8 Port - Right now we have a bunch of mini Switches chained together and not the smartest Idea. It be nice if we could upgrade them to something a bit higher in the port range. Minimal 8 Port or Higher.

    Server 1 - 8
    - Remember that is 8 Physical boxes of this configuration.
    HP Elite 8200 SFF
    Intel Core i7 2600 - 3.40GHz
    8GB DDR 3 Ram - Most are 2 Dims some are 1 Dims.
    500GB - 1000GB Hard drives

    You can donate 3 ways:
    You can paypal donate to:
    kanechart at
    You can purchase something off our amazon wishlist: - If you want us to add more to it let us know!
    You can instead send us parts to our P.O. Box:
    Please note that always send it as a gift with 0 value as if we are charged customs we have to reject the package and you might get extra charges.

    Mailing Address:
    Kane Hart
    PO BOX 634
    Manitouwadge ON P0T 2C0
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