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  1. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Spammer VVVVVVVVVVV Below!
  2. XxFire88
    XxFire88 Kron
    kron if you see this before 8 o'clock your time please turn the server on
    1. Cameron Calder
      Cameron Calder
      Does Kron have a server?
      Mar 18, 2016
    2. Kron
      Kind of. I made a modpack and played on it a while with Fire but it didn't catch on with people from SL nor with people from real life, so it just kind of died
      Mar 18, 2016
  3. Cameron Calder
    Cameron Calder
    "Connection refused" What does this mean and how can I solve it?
    1. Gilberto Palacios Jr.
      Gilberto Palacios Jr.
      Same issue. On this site it says I'm online but nope. Other MC saves work just fine for me
      Feb 19, 2016
  4. Kron
    Kron djbrooks06
    1. Kron
      I'm still banned :P
      Feb 19, 2016
  5. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart KRAZY13omber
    Thank you good sir. You should be set on the server :)
  6. XxFire88
    XxFire88 ASB44
    were you banned?
    1. ASB44
      no I've just been very busy as of late.
      Feb 16, 2016
    2. XxFire88
      Good I don't want you to get banned :)
      Feb 16, 2016
    3. Kron
      Cuz that would be the end of his weed dealer :P
      Feb 23, 2016
  7. Kron
    Kron XxFire88
    Hai :D
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    2. XxFire88
      Sweet hope to see you today if it works
      Feb 19, 2016
    3. Kron
      Well, according to Kane it works but I'm still banned as a preventative measure so waiting for DJ, Kane, or Electro to get online :3
      Feb 19, 2016
    4. XxFire88
      Thats cool
      Feb 20, 2016
  8. RedDescent
    RedDescent Sunshaker
    Sunshaker, I believe we are done with Infinity evolved. Kane is busy. We shall see what is next
  9. rocketboyjka
    rocketboyjka Kane Hart
    Do you still have the vanilla server from a year ago saved somewhere? If you do, I'd like a copy of the northeast corner....dunno if that's possible or not...
  10. Rich
    person whos loving the indie game>:D
  11. vincent imbeau
    vincent imbeau
    Player Name :Relic24
  12. Kron
    Do I get like trophies and stuff for posting stuff?
  13. vincent imbeau
    vincent imbeau
    the game server Empyrion is offline. When is he going to be online?
  14. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart vvenaya
    How is it going?
  15. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    vvenaya talk to me :P
  16. SpaceKatGamez
    SpaceKatGamez Kane Hart
    It says that i am not a member of the group when i try to join the Space Engineers server
    1. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      No one can get on now till tomorrow it's just few small adjustments before launch.
      Nov 20, 2015
    2. SpaceKatGamez
      Ok thanks
      Nov 20, 2015
  17. Kane Hart
  18. DutchM/Merlijn van Helm
    DutchM/Merlijn van Helm Kane Hart
    Kan you please bring back space negineers on youtube?
    1. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      I will the second planets hit my friend.
      Oct 5, 2015
    2. DutchM/Merlijn van Helm
      DutchM/Merlijn van Helm
      Ok. Hopefully that doesn't take a while. And hopefully it doesn't take a while for me to buy new computer parts; I bought the game, but my pc is the worst (to low amount of RAM)
      Oct 9, 2015
    3. DutchM/Merlijn van Helm
      DutchM/Merlijn van Helm
      So theplanets are finally there? or is it a mod?
      Nov 18, 2015
  19. Russ Walberry
    Russ Walberry
    Public server down? for good?
  20. Sageless Ranger
    Sageless Ranger
    Hello everyone! I was part of Godcraft waaay back in the day and have decided to check it out again! :D