GTNH 2021 Chat Commands

This is a list of commands you can use on our GTNH Server. Please note this list is always a work in progress and if you have suggestions feel free to let us know on Discord.

Basic Player Commands:

  • /list – Shows players Online just like tab key, but with less information
  • /t <player> – Sends a message in private to another player
  • /r – Allows you to reply to the last person who private messaged you
  • /pm <player> – Allows you to make the chat dedicated to a 1 on 1 chat wither another player without having keep using /tell, /r, etc
  • /me <text> – Emoji Text like “/me sigh”
  • /ignore <player name> – Do Not Ignore Admins / Mods
  • /seen <player> – Allows you to see when a player was on last

Other Player Commands:

  • /tps – Shows very basic server / world performance information
  • /getpos – Shows your player coordinates, heading, etc.
  • /time – Shows in game time
  • /ping – Shows you your ping to the server. Very inaccurate but at least you can see if the server is responsive to a command.
  • /suicide – Do Not Abuse! Kills you if your for example stuck and can’t get out.
  • /Trapped – While stuck in another players claim use this to get outside of claim.
  • /iskamiunlocked – See what is needed for Thaumic Tinkerer


  • No Extra Commands at this time.

For Land Claiming Commands & Information please check our Land Claiming Page.