GTNH 2021 Rules

  • Do NOT annoy players/admins.
  • Do NOT lag the server and make sure to disable any automation if you’re away.
  • Do NOT cheat/exploit/steal/dupe/etc.
  • Do NOT be greedy with loot, world gen, server ticks, etc (the server world and hardware are SHARED between all players)
  • Only the Overworld is (currently) backed up and other worlds MAY be wiped, Do not build permanent structures in other worlds.
  • Properties left alone for over 90 days will be considered abandoned and may be disabled/removed by admins. Do NOT ask admins to do this just because you want that prime land someone made.
  • Do NOT build within 400 blocks of another player without permission.
  • Report any potential Bugs / Issues on our Github /help for link.
  • For any other info, please visit us on our Discord /help for link.

Please remember this is a shared server with other players. Most of our core members who play on our servers take their time and don’t rush into the high tiers and make others end up suffering from your abuse of resources. Spend more time building nice bases, structures, rail system, etc. We are a Community Server!