GregTech New Horizons 2.3.0 Update!

Quantum Force Transformer, or QFT for short.

Hey Everyone the Big 2.3.0 Update is now Out! Enjoy!

Please don’t forget to backup your Instance before updating. Locations to specifically note:
options.txt (file) – Basic Game Options Include Keybinds, Graphics, Audio, and more.
– optionsof.txt (file) – OptiFine Config if you installed it.
visualprospecting (folder) – Keeps your ores / oils from Journey Map!
journeymap (folder) – Keeps your Map Data & Waypoints Data.
saves/NEI (folders) – Keep NEI Changes & Recipe Bookmarks!
screenshots (folder) – If you been taking picture via the F2 key.
saves (folder) – If you play Single Player or Have Testing Worlds
schematics (folder) – if you made any schematics

To grab the latest version you can download the MultiMC Drag & Drop onto the Instance One here! For help setting up the client then go here.

1 thought on “GregTech New Horizons 2.3.0 Update!

  1. hi im having problems joining the GTNH server is it still up / updated to 2.3.0? i just want to join but idk if its still online and if its 2.3.0 its timing me out when loading into the server / its saying no connection to the server, i have internet and its working i restarted the router 3 times and idk what going on please get back to me 🙂

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