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  1. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Looking forward to setting up our new Server for Minecraft. I hope you guys can give us as much input as possible.
  2. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart Milhouz
    What games you been playing?
    1. Milhouz
      Insurgency, some simulators, just been busy with school stuff as I am nearing the end of the semester but I'll be on more soon enough
      Apr 8, 2015
  3. Milhouz
    Milhouz adude
    Saw your post on Kane's wall. Godcraft will not be back up but the map files can be downloaded here: The one you are looking for is Build 3!
  4. adude
    adude Kane Hart
    hi is there any way god craft will be back up. or is it down forever cus its my fav server
  5. Master Swagster
    Master Swagster
    I am just chilling and building my outposts all over my starbound universe.
  6. Ollen02
    can you plz Whitelist me as soon as possible
    1. ElectroBot
  7. Ollen02
    I agree the adventure server rules
  8. Ollen02
    i found out that you had the server from kanes lets play
  9. Ollen02
    Minecraft name: Ollen02
  10. Aseemji
    Please whitelist me, Friend of Brooke's. thanks :)
  11. adude
    what is the server IP
  12. adude
    I do have the god gaming town of devile
  13. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Use the forums for support! Have any issues we can solve them just don't do it in private! Please post on the forums will look into it!
  14. kunj11
    ive been waiting 4 hours for the launcher to load minecraft lol
  15. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart Industrialbass
    You might need to delete the instance folder. If your having issues connecting because we updated forge client kind derps on forge updates.
  16. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Added site stats on players in minecraft.
  17. RainbowTrollGuy
    RainbowTrollGuy Burns1200
    Hey the unleashed 3.0 pack is for what version of minecraft?
    1. Burns1200
      Dec 13, 2014
  18. RainbowTrollGuy
    RainbowTrollGuy Kane Hart
    Hey the unleashed 3.0 pack is for what version of minecraft?
    1. Kane Hart
      Kane Hart
      Dec 16, 2014
  19. Kane Hart
  20. Kane Hart
    Kane Hart
    Working on another game called Elmlor. Hope you stop by and support!