GTNH 2020 Chat Commands

This is a list of commands you can use on our GTNH Server. Please note this list is always a work in progress and if you have suggestions feel free to let us know on Discord.

Basic Player Commands:

  • /list – Shows players Online just like tab key, but with less information
  • /tell <player> – Sends a message in private to another player
  • /r – Allows you to reply to the last person who private messaged you
  • /pm <player> – Allows you to make the chat dedicated to a 1 on 1 chat wither another player without having keep using /tell, /r, etc
  • /seen <player> – Allows you to see when a player was on last
  • /tps – Shows very basic server / world performance information
  • /ping – Shows you your ping to the server. Very inaccurate but at least you can see if the server is responsive to a command.

MyTown2 Claiming Commands:
This mod allows you claim land that is protected by the mod to prevent other players from interacting with your base. Rather then force the player to install a Third Party Client mod we have decided to use this for base protection.
At this time you can only claim 25 Chunks.

  • /t new <name> – Create a new town with a name you give it.
  • /t claim – Allows you to claim a chunk of land beside your already claimed land
  • /t unclaim – Allows you to remove a chunk of claimed land
  • /t invite <player> – Allows you to invite a player to be able to interact and build on your claim land.
  • /t leave delete – Allows you to delete your entire Town / Claims in 1 command.
  • /t borders show/hide – Allows you to show or hide your towns borders.
  • /t invites/accept/refuse – Allows you to see invites, accept an invite, or refuse an invite to a town
  • /t kick – Allows you to remove a town member if you have the rank.
  • Towns have to be 8 Chunks away from each other to prevent people building right next to other players. That is 128 Blocks away. That is still to close and you should always ask to live near another player.
  • Players get Max of 3 Extra Far Away Chunks (Away From your Base) to protect other small bases, outposts, etc.
  • You can’t place blocks within 32 blocks of another players borders but they can break blocks..
  • “An unknown error occurred” Normally Means your not have or part of a Town. Little Glitchy but nothing to be alarmed about.

Moderator Commands:
(Used for only Moderation and not every day use)

  • /mute <player> – Mutes player though they might be able to bypass and spam discord so if they do /ban works!
  • /tempban <player> <time(m/h)> – (Example /tempban bob 1h and will temp ban them for 1 hour.
  • /ban <player> – used to normally permanently ban a player.
  • /tp <player> – Lets you teleport to another player.
  • /top – Used to get to the highest Block.
  • /bed <player> – Teleport to a players bed.
  • /locate <player> – Tells you the coordinates and dim of a player.

Administrator Commands:

  • /stop – Allows an admin to stop the server. (Server will auto reboot and take about 5 Minutes)
  • /invsee <player> – Don’t move things, etc could cause dupes / other bugs.
  • /op – Gives OP
  • /deop – Removes OP