GTNH 2020 Client Info & Download

Warning: This info is outdated and we recommend you check the Top Menu / Front Page to see what servers we are currently running.

Video Guide

If you like to do your own Client Install and Setup our IP is Please keep in mind if you want Protection either download the Client Patch below and install the 2 FTB mod’s or download the latest 1.7.10 Versions from Curse.

Warning: Due to a Crashing issue that happens with Optifine we have renamed the .jar to .jar! If you want optifine you will need to rename it back to a .jar. If your having a crashing issue make sure you try removing optifine and deleting your Options files.

  1. Download GTNH MultiMC Client Version
  2. Download Our Client Patch Version 1 (Needed For Protection)
  3. Download MultiMC (Windows) (Other)
  4. Download Java Offline (64-bit) Version
  5. Run Java Installer (Should be jre-8u-something)
  6. Extract MultiMC wherever you like and run MultiMC.exe to Launch.
  7. During the MultiMC Setup Set to Java 8 from the List Make sure it’s the 64bit version.
  8. Now The Next Page of the MultiMC Setup Set the Minimal Memory 4096 MB & Maximum Memory 6144 MB, You might be able to get away with less but we do recommend at least 4096 MB set.
  9. Once Finish the Setup Drag and Drop the GTNH Main Client zip onto MultiMC or Add Instance and Import from zip and select the Client Zip. This should Install GTNH just fine and even Show the Icon! (Should be GTNewHorizonsClient-1.7.10-something)
  10. Right Click GTNH and Click Minecraft Folder. Now Open SL-GTNH-2020-Client-Patch and Replace the files over top of the Minecraft Folder you just opened and Replace All.
  11. Now you should be able to Run the Client and it will popup to login to your Minecraft email/password and then launches the game right after. Please Note GTNH could easily take 5-10 Minutes long depending on your Specs. Just make sure you set your Memory settings Correctly at least 4096 MB though I highly recommend 6144 MB myself.