GTNH 2020 Donations

Warning: This info is outdated and we recommend you check the Top Menu / Front Page to see what servers we are currently running.

Donations always help our servers and mean a lot to let us keep running them for years to come. We decided at this time not to give advantages via donations and that you will only get a Purple Rank on Discord & In Game if you Donate $15 or more a Month.

That being said Most people normally don’t donate. If your someone enjoy’s this server and play more then your Average game, then please consider donating more as one players impact/performance on a Minecraft Server is easily the equivalent to 100’s of Players in MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft. It costs a lot as you can imagine!

Donation Link:

Server Specs / Info Page to see where the Money is going to (Help Pay for our Server that cost us a pretty penny)