GTNH 2020 Chat Commands

Warning: This info is outdated and we recommend you check the Top Menu / Front Page to see what servers we are currently running.

This is a list of commands you can use on our GTNH Server. Please note this list is always a work in progress and if you have suggestions feel free to let us know on Discord.

Basic Player Commands:

  • /list – Shows players Online just like tab key, but with less information
  • /tell <player> – Sends a message in private to another player
  • /r – Allows you to reply to the last person who private messaged you
  • /pm <player> – Allows you to make the chat dedicated to a 1 on 1 chat wither another player without having keep using /tell, /r, etc
  • /seen <player> – Allows you to see when a player was on last
  • /tps – Shows very basic server / world performance information
  • /ping – Shows you your ping to the server. Very inaccurate but at least you can see if the server is responsive to a command.

Moderator Commands:
(Used for only Moderation and not every day use)

  • /mute <player> – Mutes player though they might be able to bypass and spam discord so if they do /ban works!
  • /tempban <player> <time(m/h)> – (Example /tempban bob 1h and will temp ban them for 1 hour.
  • /ban <player> – used to normally permanently ban a player.
  • /tp <player> – Lets you teleport to another player.
  • /top – Used to get to the highest Block.
  • /bed <player> – Teleport to a players bed.
  • /locate <player> – Tells you the coordinates and dim of a player.

Administrator Commands:

  • /stop – Allows an admin to stop the server. (Server will auto reboot and take about 5 Minutes)
  • /invsee <player> – Don’t move things, etc could cause dupes / other bugs.
  • /op – Gives OP
  • /deop – Removes OP