GTNH 2021 Donations

Donations always help our servers and mean a lot to let us keep running them for years to come. We decided at this time not to give advantages via donations and that you will only get a Purple Rank on Discord & In Game if you Donate $15 or more a Month. If you Donate $50 or More you will get the Purple Rank for the Life of this GTNH Server.

That being said Most people normally don’t donate. If you are someone who enjoys this server and play more than your Average game, then please consider donating more as one players impact/performance on a Minecraft Server is easily the equivalent to 100’s of Players in MMORPG’s like World of Warcraft. It costs a lot as you can imagine!

Donation Link:

Server Specs / Info Page to see where the Money is going to (Help Pay for our Server that cost us a pretty penny)