GTNH Monthly Server Donations

Donations help keep the costs of the server down for the admins. None of the donations are ever used for personal use, and their always used for hardware upgrades, power costs, internet costs, etc.

If you donate $50 USD or more during the life of this GTNH Server you get a Purple Name in Game as well as discord. If you donate $500 USD or more you get a Yellow name in game and on Discord.

Monthly Server Wide Donation Goal!
If the players on the server donate $150 USD or more combined a Month we unlock the following features until the end of the month. You can check the progress of the donations by using the /motd command ingame. Please note that this is manually updated.

Commands unlocked for ALL players when the monthly goal has been reached:
(All Commands are only useable in the overworld)
/home – lets you teleport to your bed once every 6 hours.
/sethome – lets you set your home location. This is different from your bed spawn and is great as a backup method of getting back home if your bed breaks, or does not work correctly.
/delhome – lets you delete the home so you can go back to say spawn if you wanted to start over in another direction, but had already set your home.
/ptime – lets you set the (local client’s) day/night time. Example /ptime day would make it look like day time even if it’s night time on the server side. This does NOT override hostile mob spawns as they use the server’s time
/food – gives you a 3 different food bags and 1 cake once. (Resets each Month) – Make sure you have 4 Inventory slots available or you will lose out on some or all of the food.
/removewarp – This removes all 3 warp types and sets them back to 0. You can only use this once every 7 days.

Donation Link: (Please add your discord/ingame mc name to make it easier for the admins to attribute the donation to the correct player and give them the correct chat name colour).

Server Specs / Info Page to see what our past donation goal to upgrade the server went to.