Reforged Eden Dedicated Server Launch!

Server Name: StoneLegion (There is more to the name but use this to search for it)
Server Status: Offline / Shutdown due to inactivity!
Server Scenario: Reforged Eden 1.8+
Direct IP:
Server Specs: 3900X, 128Gig of Ram 2x 2TB NVME Gen 4 Drives. – Anyone have a Spare 5900x? lol
Features: Volume/Mass, Max Blockcount & CPU Are Enabled! No Wipes, No Autominer Depletion, No POI Regen Besides Starter Worlds & Systems every Morning at 8AM EST.
Support the Server: – Money always used towards our server hardware costs & then future Hardware expansion.
Server Goals: The Server welcomes New players and Veteran Players. We just ask Veteran players to leave some the server wide missions to the newer players to give some people a chance to experience it for the first time. This server is expected to be a longer term server and not just a weekend fling.