Stone Legion

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Pack Name: Project Ozone 2: Reloaded
Server IP:
Server Status: Online
Pack Download: Twitch Client (search for 'Project Ozone 2')
Pack Version: 2.3.0 (06/24/2017)


What kind of pack is this?
This pack is quite similar to Infinity Expert Skyblock Mode but this has quite a few changes and the end game fun recipes are quite more insane with a lot more mods and features. You start on a floating island where you will find a pressure plate and make your way to your own island.

Can I play With Friends?
Sadly at this time there is no way to start with them so overtime you or they will have to progress through tech where you can teleport to each other.

Do I have to signup for a Whitelist?
No, You can just connect and play! This our new way of doing MC Servers?

Does it cost or can I donate?
The server costs nothing and will not be charging anything at all anymore on our servers to play. This why we outright bought hardware our future method of our servers. Though Donations help pay for the servers we bought as well as power costs / Internet costs.

How to Install and use MultiMC?:
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So let's get down to the point. We can't pay for our servers anymore right? Well Let's instead use our CPU/GPU's when were not using them for Mining. Will use 1 community shared wallet and the money will be used not to rent but buy hardware so we don't have to worry for costs in the long term.

So let's get started!

  • Download - NiceHash:
  • Extract Folder and Open / Run: NiceHashMiner.exe
  • Add the following bitcoin address: 12cRFyCMV51KgFFXxeL533ndN6qSoMLtvf
  • Run the Benchmark - You must do this for it to test your systems abilities.
  • Run the Miner after and your done. Run it whenever you want.

Video Guide:

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Pack Name: All The Mods Expert - (Similar to Infinity Evolved: Expert)
Server IP:
Server Status: Server Shutdown - Server Launched on 4/7/2017
Pack Download: Curse / Twitch App (
search for 'All The Mods Expert')
Pack Version:
1.0.33b 4/10/2017
Mod List:
List of Mods!
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2

Recommended Client Addons: Client Addons & Configs Download - 1.4 - 4/10/2017


How do I get whitelisted?



Support Your Server:

Did you know we are paying almost a $100 a month to run a fully dedicated server/box? This why you always enjoy the highest performance in minecraft when you play on our servers and great ping / connection world wide.

Please consider donating / supporting us and in game you will get a special colored name as well as more claim space and chunk loaders and a /sethome /home command. It's are way of saying Thanks!

Become a Supporter Here!

Server Changes from Base Pack:
  • Created a Nice Epic Spawn - Electro has a gun to my head.
  • Vanilla World Gen. No BoP Mess this time around!
  • Overworld Pregen 8000 x 8000 (same as the border)
  • Nether Pregen 1000 x 1000
  • All Teleport Commands disabled for non-Supporters
  • FTBU Chunk Loading Options disabled for non-Supporters.

Memory Recommended To Be Set To 6GB:


How To Set Memory:
Click the gear in the curse client at the bottom left then go to Minecraft settings and scroll down till you see the above setting. It's recommended you set to 6gigs but you might be able to get away with 5gigs.

Setup / Install Guide:
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Pack Name: GT New Horizons
Server IP:
Server Status: Server Shutdown
Pack Download: Technic Platform (search for 'GT New Horizons')
Pack Version:

Our Client Addon Pack (Recommended)
(From Resources) - Last Updated 01/26/2017 - Version 0.6


What kind of pack is this?
Infinity Expert (But More Hardcore) with GregTech And a lot more progression and depth than Infinity Expert with a Questing Book like HQM that you can follow and learn a lot how the pack works and also enjoy the rewards from. The Questing system is not required but is fun to do and recommended highly. Both the pack creators and we will be adding content to it overtime including special events. We also have done some special tweaks ourselves in this pack and most them noted at the end of this post.

How do I get whitelisted?

More Information:

What Makes our GT New Horizons Special?

  • There aren't many GT New Horizons servers so right off the bat this is a more of a Unique Modpack that we feel that we can offer a very long term server to players. We have almost 7 years of Minecraft Server Hosting Experience and another 15+ years in General Gaming / Server Hosting.
  • Almost all of our players that are Interested in this pack will be new and have very little knowledge about GregTech 5 let alone this modpack and it makes for a really great experience learning the pack and enjoying this pack for the first time.
  • We are customizing our servers questing system to provide a close to the pack experience with a few enhancements by increasing the required quests needed to get to the next Tiers but also a few fixes and changes that we felt that suited our community a bit more.
  • We are removing the creation of Twilight, Nether, and End Portals to add our new unique Adventures system where you explore our world to find these portals and unlock a special requirement to enter and get to these locations. It helps cut down on portal spam / lag and also brings a more interesting concept to our server to make it unique.
  • We have removed Villages from the world. Don't worry there is a repeatable quest line overtime to earn Village eggs and also don't forget you can cure villager zombies as well. We thought be more unique if the community rebuild new towns for villages overtime and share them. Being something more rare and unique would bring players closer.
  • We changed up the world generation just a bit. Witches circles don't spawn and nor does the Rogue Dungeons. We felt Rogue dungeons was a very cool and neat concept but was just very messy in the end and to be actually decent at it you end up exploiting it just to get through them.

Remember nothing is ever set in stone. We have forums here for a reason. If you ever have suggestions or concerns then just let us know and will see what we can do for you and the community.
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Pack Name: Sandbox 2
Server IP:
Server Status: Offline
Pack Download: Curse (search for 'Sandbox 2')
Pack Version:
Mod List:
List of Mods!
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
(This what we use instead of Teamspeak Now)

This is a Free to Play Server for the Modpack Sandbox 2!
On Saturday October 22 at 8PM EST, we launched a Free to Play Sandbox 2 modded server. This modpack has over 100 mods (both tech, magic and others) and is available from the Curse launcher.

How to Play?

Connect to our Discord Voice/Text Chat server, give us your Minecraft username and tell us where you found out about our Sandbox 2 server in the #minecraft-whitelist channel.

Basic Rules:
  • No Griefing, PvP, Trolling/Annoying players, Stealing, etc.
  • No Lagging the Server. (Be Smart and remember all your actions have consequences.)
  • No going crazy on exploring / speed movements. Best to walk when you explore as nothing is pre generated on here and doing it off peak times would also help a lot.
  • If you quit or take a period of break please shut off all machines / chunk loaders, etc.
  • Try not to build too close to other players/spawn (without permission) to prevent chunk loading and land claim issues. 400 blocks from another player and over 2,000 blocks from spawn is recommended.
  • You can protect your land with FTB Utilities chunk claiming system (open your inventory and click on the map icon in the top left. Then left click to claim chunks). Only add friends that you trust as they will be able to do anything. Make sure you mob-proof and people-proof yourself.
  • For those who wish to donate/help support the server, we do have a $15/month Supported subscription available.
  • We do perform server backups, but will not use them to rollback/fix griefs. Protect your land by claiming chunks, use proper entrances (no pressure plates for main entrances), etc.
  • If you have any issues/questions or wish to chat/talk, join us on our Discord server.
  • The map border is 8,000 x 8,000 (4,000 in each direction from spawn).

Memory Recommended To Be Set To 6GB:


How To Set Memory:
Click the gear in the curse client at the bottom left then go to Minecraft settings and scroll down till you see the above setting. It's recommended you set to 6gigs but you might be able to get away with 5gigs.

Setup / Install Guide:

Recommended Optional Mods you must install youself:

Let's Play Series:
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Current Status: Online
Server IP:
Current Version: Alpha 2.0.*

Server is online for everyone. It's a PvE Server enjoy :)

Thread Updated 5/25/2016

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Pack Name: Sandbox
Server IP:
Server Status:
Pack Download:
Pack Version: 0.7

This is a Supporter Only Server for the Modpack Sandbox (Click For More Info).

How to Play?
Just become a Supporter and then reply to this thread with your Minecraft Name and will whitelist you asap.

Basic Rules:
  • No Griefing, PvP, Trolling, Stealing, etc.
  • No Lagging the Server. (Be Smart and remember all your actions have consequences.)
  • No going crazy on exploring / speed movements. Best you walk when you explore as nothing is pre generated on here and doing it off peak times would also help a lot.
  • If you quit or take a period of break please shut off all machines / chunk loaders, etc.
  • If you played on Infinity shut things down and turn off any chunk loaders. Putting things into chests help even more.
This is a family server like we use to run all the time. It's for Supporters and it has no real rules though I added some because of recent new members to the supporting team might need some guidance.
This is sort like our old private adventure servers we ran over last couple years where you sort of live closer to spawn if you can find a place so within 1k if you can but we understand if you can't find a place and have to go a bit further.

Setup / Install Guide:

Server Map:
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Current Status: Online
Server IP:
Version: 1.7.10 (Pack 2.5)
Feed The Beast - Infinity Evolved Expert Mode
Client: Feed The Beast Client
Addons (Not Required): FTB Infinity Evolved Client Addon Pack! - Version 2.4.1v1


We Are Back!:

Due to the overwhelming Success of our last server with over 1,000 unique players visiting our server and tons of new blood into our community, we have to say this is one of our most successful servers and we plan on continuing with our new style of servers. We asked players if they were ready for a new server and they were. What we did not expect was people wanted to play the same pack again! So welcome to Season 2 of Infinity Evolved 2.0 - Expert Mode!

About The Pack:

Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved is 2nd version of the Infinity series that offers the all new expert mode that we will be using on our server as well as some new tools like friends system, claim system, and much more. This pack comes with 170+ Mods and many great features.

About Our Server:

The Stone Legion Infinity Evolved Server will be a Public (Free Server) with regular backups and basic general rules to follow. We ask you guys and girls to not only respect the rules but also encourage others to follow them and do it in a calm and friendly manor. The server will be on 24/7 and we will try to offer the best service possible, but your Support / Contribution would help a lot with the upkeep of the server costs. Most servers would have item stores, creative mode upgrade, etc. to pay for their servers, but we want it to be fair for everyone.

We try to provide a 3 Month life span on our servers, but will extend them longer as long as enough players continue to play and a small handful are willing to help contribute to the server costs.

Server Rules:
  • Remember this is a free server and our money and time went into creating it. Don't ruin it for others and don't ruin it for yourself.
  • No Griefing other players or other player structures, etc.
  • No lagging the server. Play smart like shut down your machines/power when you go to bed, don't make tons of machines and keep things compact.
Server Specs:
  • Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
  • 32GB Ram
  • 3x 120GB SSD's
  • Auto Backups
How to Play:

Changes to the Server:

The following changes are not made lightly. We take in the account of Balance, Performance, Security, and Protection of our players. We are not here to ruin people's fun, but at the same time when we were hitting 30+ Peak on Season 1 server we proved that our changes were the correct path. Not all servers are made for every person out there. If you are not happy with our server we love to hear your feedback, but please remember there are a lot of other fish in the sea.

These changes are fairly small to the actual content we offer. Just because the list might look long, remember there are over a hundred mods and thousands of blocks/items. Don't let this list discourage you.

  • IC2 Lapatron can be used in miners now
  • When you die, you spawn with full food now near your bed
  • Botania Flowers are created by floral fertilizer
  • EU to RF and RF to EU is not possible anymore
  • Draconic ore Spawns in the overworld
  • Disabled the following Dimensions for Performance & Stability (Twilight Forest, Mystcraft, RF Tools, Runic Dungeons)
  • Villages are disabled (Major Performance Issues with Villagers AI & Players being upset that they are looted)
  • You can now Craft a "Spawn Villager" egg
  • Disabled IC2 Nukes, IC2 Mining Laser, IC2 Dynamite due to griefing
  • Removed Quarry's (RF Tools, BC, Ender Quarry, Turtles) - All other automated mining are fine these just tend to be messy and overly used.
  • Changed Mutatron and Advanced version recipe to balance them more for bees.
  • Removed Lighting Rod - People kept abusing the server and making it rain constantly.
  • Removed Culinary Generators - encourage people to use other power generation that doesn't necessitate large farms.
  • Removed Funky Locomotion & Logistic Pipes - Performance / Crashing Issues.
  • Removed Hang Glider - Super Man Does not need.
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Tonight Factorio will be launching on Steam! To celebrate this Dj, Electro, Pike, and I will be Streaming and Recording Factorio.

If you have never heard or played factorio and you like automation in Minecraft and you miss the old old days with Redpower/Ic/Buildcraft and making fun automated factories then you will want to pick up Factorio! Not only that the big feature for me and many others is trains. You can make some incredible train networks and it will be one of our biggest themes of this series. Will try to connect all our trains onto the same network.

Factorio on Steam:

2016 Trailer:

Old Let's Play Series:

Installed Mods:

We need to Pick Our Train Colors!
Kane: Green
Pike: Cyan
Electro: Blue
DJ: White
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@Sunshaker had asked me to check if it's time for a new pack or not. We started a poll and the odd thing is most people said No for the first day or so. Then more days went on and more voted yes and strange enough most of them voted Yesi for same pack even odd enough 3 people switched from No to Yes even though Yes was winning.

So right now as I'm posting this the current results are:
Yes Same Pack 10 + 3 = 13 Votes
Yes New Pack 6
No 7

So in the end 19 Yes and 13 of them same pack and only 6 for a new pack.

The current server will not get nuked. It will be up a while maybe a few weeks so people can finish up take picture enjoy the server etc.

This is sort of a info poll thing. It's Important for you to share with us the last 2 questions as much details as you can. It's important for the new server to help make it last etc etc.

Launch Date? Early March?
Right now I'm quite busy working on Streaming Nightly and making of course Youtube Videos still

Right now I have a few things back to Back. Anarchy Online and on the 25 of this Month Factorio for Steam comes out and I also like to do videos / Streaming for a few days anyways in the evenings.

So slowly on the side I will start working on a new server but as you can see my time will also be used up a lot.

I do plan on Streaming and Doing a Let's Play Series for our new server. Just wanted to let you know my plans for the end of the Month and things can easily change still.

Minecraft 1.9 Comes out this week as well. Not sure if we have any plans for it within the community.