FTB Interactions Server!

Hey everyone, our Feed The Beast Interactions Minecraft Server for 2020/2021 is Now Online!

Main Server Info:
Current Version: 2.0.10
ModPack Download: Link
Supported Launcher: MultiMC
Server Address: mc.stonelegion.com:2222

Other Server Info:
World Border: 16,500 x 16,500
Whitelist: None
Discord: wxDbeChemx

Please note we are using the latest version of FTB Interactions found from the FTB Discord in the FTB Interactions channeled Pinned. Right now the Latest Version FTB / Overwolf seems to offer is only 2.0.9.

Just Download and Run MultiMC. Make sure you setup the correct Java Paths. Once you do this all you have to do is Drag and Drop the FTB Interactions ModPack Zip File onto MultiMC Window and it will start to download / install automatically.

Pretty much the Only Changes made was to rebalance dungeon loot. Outside that the Pack is as Vanilla as it gets.

Please make sure you check out our Discord if you need any further help or like to just chat with us!

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