GTNH 2020 Shutdown

We have decided to Shutdown GTNH 2020 Server. Sadly it was a rough year for GTNH Community itself it went through a lot of changes. We also made some mistakes with this server changing too many things and using a strange dev build that never saw the light of day for a very long time. Because of this we never got on the Server List as well as everyone had to use a Custom client to play on our servers to fix a few issues and bugs.

Do to this mistake we sadly lost our playerbase overtime and we promise to make a better server with less modifications and using only release builds of GTNH in the future.

Hopefully will be Back Late Spring Early Summer of this year and make our best GTNH Server Yet! Stay Tuned!

We thank everyone who did join us it was a lot of fun. Here is the top players who had no life 🙂

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